The Big Fat Gujju Wedding – And Everything Fell In Place

The Big Fat Gujju Wedding – And Everything Fell In Place

The Big Fat Gujju Wedding Story:

“We met through parents. The decision to get married was taken in no time as families were involved initially and personally between us everything fell into places since day we met and we decided to get married.
Every now and then we make new memories and find new amazing things about each other. The most treasured memory will be surely made when you click us together in the most magnificent way.






Any stories you would like to share? (proposal stories/ most memorable times/ sweetest things that made you have tears/ family’s acceptance)
The second day we met alone after our first typical house meeting. we went on drive and we didn’t realise the time passed by we were together for like 4 hours and later when I was getting out of the car I asked okay.. shall I go now? He said no just stay.. that moment drifted everything and made us feel something.. Something that we haven’t felt before, we could see it in each others eyes. We have many more amazing stories to share.


As it’s a summer wedding, we have tried to use summer colours and each occasion has its know theme. The style basically would be mixture of traditional and contemporary essence.
City and location where the wedding is going to take place. What made you choose this destination?
Ahmedabad at Karnavati club. As our families are well known in our community we wanted everyone to be part of our wedding so we chose our home town.


Menhendi – traditional theme (Rajasthani + folk)
Sangeet – Bolly wood +Neon theme
Wedding – Royal – White golden and little maroon Reception – Elegant – White and green
Photography: Destination Photographers
Because you are the best in town and I personally think with you we could be more comfortable and enjoy more.
Event planner’s company (if any)
7X wedding
Make up artist:
To be decided
Wedding outfits by:
R- Ritu Kumar S- Jade Blue
The grand Shubham – from jodhpur”


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