Wedding trailer of Tanya Sid


We met in Boston 3 years ago, almost exactly to the day of our wedding. Getting to know each other in the beginning of our relationship was full of hike dates, board games and long drives. We found out that while Sid is clearly superior when it comes to anything outdoors, when it comes to board games, I am the undisputed queen. The last three years have followed the same trend, we still go out on hikes as often as we can, we have game nights and then travel every weekend we get a chance to, whether it’s a long drive or a longer flight.

Both of us have family in Bhopal, and it made good logistic sense to have the wedding there. With two excellent venues, Noor-Us-Sabha and Jehan Numa, we were satisfied with trusting them to host us and our guests with gracious hospitality while maintaining world class service.

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