Tanvi-Aakash – Wedding Trailer

Tanvi-Aakash – Wedding Trailer

A bit about Them:

Tanvi Akash

They’re both from Mumbai and they live there only.
Both of them are Advocates. They met at work and they became friends over food. Like literally!

They both met at their work place and got along from the very beginning. They never ever thought of getting married or even dating each other while they were at work. Tanvi-Akash were really happy being friends who worked together and went out together.

How did all grew up?

Last year in July Akash decided to quit work and move to Scotland to pursue his masters degree and from the day he spoke to their  boss about quitting they became inseparable. A couple of days before he was scheduled to leave the country they realised how fond they were of each other and that they ought to make an attempt to stay in touch and so they did. Facetime and WhatsApp made it possible for them to stay in touch and they did every single day. They both hate using their phones after work hours but they were addicted to their phones while they were away. They had a fixed time schedule and in fact, the distance made their hearts only grow fonder of each other.

There was no formal asking out or big proposal but they just knew that they were meant to be.

The easy flow of the parents meeting and approving and getting along only made them realize how the universe conspired to keep them together. Sure that no distance could ever keep them apart.
What is your most treasured memory with each other?
A huge part of their relation was in long distance and while they had their relation blooming in the background their parents also developed their own relations and that was really heart warming.

What is the style of ceremony.

Simple Indian Gujarati style wedding

City and location where the wedding is going to take place:

Mumbai:  18.99 Latitude Banquets, Lower Parel

How did they decided about the place?

Their parents were out for dinner and they happened to walk into this banquet and looking at its huge size we instantly loved it. Tanvi then got in touch with Radhika Pandit whom she was told is known for her whacky style of working so she was just ensuring we get lots of space to work. Bombay is a crunched city so everything is space constrained this is one place with a lot of space


There is a dress code ‘indian traditional shades of pink’

Why Destination photographers for photography?

Recommended by Anil uncle

Event planner’s company

Zodiac entertainment for the sangeet but otherwise the Parents and Aakash – Tanvi are co-ordinating everything

Make up artist:

Priya Todarwal – Mehendi and Sangeet


Pakhi Pahuja


Sangeet – Aqaba






Destination Photographers

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