Shivang and Disha

Shivang and Disha

Disha Agarwal and Shivang Agarwal, both were born and brought up in different cities and assembled in Ahmedabad. Shivang being a businessman happens to dilute himself with all the kind whereas disha being an designer is optimistic and respects freedom. Both of them meet in an arrange meeting fixed by their parents. Both of them were not specifically looking anything particular in eachother but were still eager to discover and did actually start discovering. And after feeling the positivity the gave it a yes to each other.


MEHENDI- In this ceremony a basket containing bindi and bangles is handed around so the girls can pick whatever suits them perfect. This ceremony takes place in an party atmosphere. The bride and the other ladies got their hands designed by heena. All rituals were done based on Punjabi theme.

HALDI- Every wedding is uncommon with different ceremonies, this couple decided to have a poolside haldi with a dresscode. A ‘Tie and Dye’ theme where both the sides that is the brides and grooms were allotted a particular color.

Well there story surely teaches us the quote right “A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.”


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