Reeya and Nishant Wedding Trailer

Reeya and Nishant

Glimpse from their life

Nishant is originally from Mumbai, and Reeya has lived in New York and Ahmedabad before moving back to Mumbai. He is an architect and an urban designer, he currently works at a studio practice. He is a health and fitness enthusiast! And a bit of a grammar nazi.



Reeya and Nishant were introduced to each other when Nishant was living in New York and met briefly when he was down in Bombay. As luck would have it, Nishant got a job in Ahmedabad and Reeya was there to help him to adjust in the city, they kept meeting, then started dating each other and somewhere down the line they knew that it was time to take the next step.

Most pleasure memory!

Nishant’s most treasured memory with Reeya is his Proposing to her in Central Park, with his friends cheering him on and a hundred onlookers watching! It was surreal. They were meeting up with Nishant’s friends in New York for brunch in the lower east side, and from there they had to get Reeya to Central Park!! It was the most nerve racking meal ever. Nishant was so nervous, and there were way too many people at the park that day. Then at Bethesda fountain, all things went according to the plan! And that moment felt amazing.

Both of them wanted a fun beach wedding. So they choose Rayong, in Thailand.

Event managed by Event 360″
Make up: Surbhi Mehta

Hair stylist : Khushnum Daroowala

Decor & Floral : Jessy

Event planner’s company: Krish Events – Krishna Patel
Photography: Destination Photographers


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