Rajvee and Aakash

Rajvee and Aakash

Starting up when Rajvee and aakash came across each other in their graduation where Rajvee was under an impression that Aakash was a “spoil brat” because she being studious could not digest someone very frank and eventually after knowing her, and he breaking her notions she started falling for her and ended up dating each other.

Every bride and groom certainly has some special places for many things, this wedding had a special place for their pets. Bride’s dog Alvin and Groom’s horses had a special appearance in the wedding. And if wedding is all about creating memories of a big day then why not involve someone who is an essential part of their life. And Alvin was really good at making mischief where none existed before, consider bringing him out for wedding portraits only. You get to have him with you during the part of the day where you have the fewest amount of people to concentrate on, and can give him some undivided attention. Then, he can nap and you can spend time with the rest of your friends and family.

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