Palitana Temples – Shatrunjaya, Gujarat

Palitana Temples – Shatrunjaya, Gujarat

Palitana Temple


The conglomeration of Palitana temples was set up in two different time phases-some around 11th-12th centuries and some around 16th centuries. Some of the temples however were built even earlier but was destroyed by Mughal invaders around 14th-15th centuries. These magnificent artistic temples could not actually be built by any single person or group. Rather these temple constructions were all patronized by wealthy Business dynasties who were believers in Jainism

The marvellous mount Shatrunjaya is decorated with thousands of well-sculpted temples, each competing the other for outstanding sculpting that attracts infinite devotees and visitors.

The main temple pilgrim has to climb around 3,800 steps, the peak being at a height of 3.5 kms.

The temples are delicately sculpted in marble. While observing these temples, it might seem to be ivory miniatures. It goes without saying that this fine art is the effort of countless artisans. The main temple of the first Tirthankara, Shree Adishwar has an elaborated architectural pattern.

The eye-attracting sculpting can also be noticed in the temples of Kumarpal, Vimalshah, and Sampriti Raja. Kumarpal Solanki was a great Jain supporter who is known to be built the early temples. There is a good collection of jewels in the campus, which requires special permission for seeing.

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