Mansi and Mihir Wedding Slideshow

Mansi and Mihir Wedding Slideshow


The Sharam Wedding


A bit about them – Mansi & Mihir

Mansi and Mihir were in the same school. But either of them didn’t really know each other till they reached the last year of their schooling in 10th grade!!

Mansi, is a banker and was into banking till Feb 2017 and later studying MBA she is with Mihir’s helping hand in family business. Mihir is a civil engineer and is now a Businessman in food industry and infra development and Also both are part timing with wedding management too for a while till 18th Feb.


How it all started?

But in the end of the last year he was introduced in their school friends group by fellow buddies and that’s how they met.

Later on they realized that they shared common interests and slowly became quiet amicable and started loving each others company! And while being friends slowly they realized how would life be if they spent it with someone who was not Her and him together! And they gradually fell in love and after 8 years of their relationship they decided to make it even more stronger by getting married.

They have always being like a small gang in themselves! When they are together they don’t really need anyone or anything else to do. Mihir proposed her as mentioned earlier by letting her know that he wants to spend his whole life with her and get married. Everytime he went out of his way and sacrificed on his own needs for gifting her things were the times she was always in tears.!

Be it his first Love card with a small cute ring or a watch or her Scooby-doo or a phone, a bag or her first God Dhana dress! Tiniest to biggest things are heart pumping!

Mansi’s reason to tell Mihir a yes was that he is the most naive and beautiful soul she have ever met in her life. Mihir has played a major role in Mansi’s growth in life and has always taken care of her like his small baby. He always always alwaysss ensures that she keeps LAUGHING! Not only smiling but he makes her and all around happy and laughing touchwood to his happy go lucky attitude! And only was this attitude which made Mansi believe in him and not leave or weaver in their relationship for all these years.


Parents acceptance

Mihir never had told his parents that he had a girlfriend whom he wants to get married. Till the end! Parents acceptance was again a surprise to them.. Mansi’s mom knew about them since quiet a long time but when her dad started getting proposals for her from around the world that was when things got serious and Mihir was told to ask at his place for his parents acceptance so that she can further ask her dad and baapu.

So that’s when thrit supporting system and the reason of their wedding; Hiral (his sister) made them all meet at his home..! It was the first time she met his parents and within minutes of discussion they gave her shagun too! Which was nearly surprising and extremely happy moment because for whose permission they were skeptical about were the ones to accept their relationship first and superfast! Followed by Mansi’s parents and baa baapu who at first were little concerned about them not being Brahmins as they are but after meeting they were all convinced for Mihir and his family’s kind hearts!!

It’s a Gujarati wedding which has engagement, gham jamanvar and sangeet on 16th Feb and followed by small poojas on 17th and the wedding on 18th Feb

City and location where the wedding is going to take place:

For Mansi, it is her native place that’s her Village where they are getting married. Reason looks like to be by grandparents graceful wish and blessing as her village was very dear to their hearts. The deciding point comes out of Mihir’s Major relatives living in Gujarat for which they are doing the wedding in Gujarat instead of Mumbai.

Is there a theme to any function?

Till now they have only thought of keeping it colorful in the wedding day and play with lights for the evening ..

Why Destination Photographers for photography?

Mansi personally loves to embrace art and is very intellectual in thoughts too. She and Mihir both Love to ponder over beautiful and the best. Also in all these 7-8 odd years they never have had clicked good pictures of theirs even when they went to the bestest destination! And to them this wedding was very very close to their hearts and they wanted to cherish this memory all their lives and pondering more over the pictures (that’s practically possible only if they were all as splendid a work of di caprio) ..!

But most importantly one of the reasons to have the best photographer was also that since they were getting married in their respective villages and if in case they miss out on hiring the most fancy city style decorator and stuff then still they should be able to rely on the photographer to ensure they capture the beauty of their precious occasion with their families and the villages and farm house !!

Make up artist:

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