The Sharma Wedding – Koshangi Rohit Trailer

The Sharma Wedding – Koshangi Rohit Trailer

Let’s hear The Sharma Wedding story from the couple itself.

Bride’s Full Name – Koshangi sharma
Groom’s Full Name- Rohit sharma

Where are you originally from and where do you live now? K- originally from – Udaipur, Rajasthan
K- living in – Vadodara
R- originally from- Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan
R- living in- Bombay
Tell me a bit about you guys. What do you do?
K- I come from a nuclear family. Being a civil Engineer by background, I have worked in planning and design fields after college. Had recently joined my mother’s fashion boutique business.

I’d describe myself as an introvert person, very selective about who I get close to. I Like things straight. Love exploring new places, art and dance.
R- I always knew I would be joining my family business. I didnt waste much time and started getting associated with the organisation while my college days during my summer vacation. We are into the business of Building envelopes.
I am a very easy going and straight face person. Blunt to the core. Like things simple. Sports follower during my spare time. Driven towards the family business and wanna make an impact in whatever I do. Family is everything. I can be trusted.
How did you and your fiancé meet? And how did it come down to this day of deciding to get married. K-Well, my parents had just started the boy hunting process and I was asked to go through the list of bio-data and shortlist few. I could only connect to one out of many, so well that I did not even read any further after rohits bio data. Soon everything fell in place from my parents side too, they seemed convinced to take it further. Eventually we were made to know each other and talk. It was dreamlike that our first conversation lasted for hours and he was everything I always wanted. It was a very short time to judge someone but it JUST CLICKED so well that I never had a second thought about him even once. Everything since then has happened in a jiffy. Everything got fixed within a month. (on 27th August 2017) and here we are : getting married just after three months of courtship. 😛
R- Had a lot of pictures coming in from my parents. Didnt know what was going on as i was travelling a lot cause of work. So didnt give much attention to the bio-data. Then my grand mother showed me a pic which was already sent to me and said she is the one I like. For the first time i paid some attention and realised “Why did I skip this?”
My parents gave me her number, and as impatient i usually am, i contacted her the same evening. It didnt take me more than a few minutes to convince her to get on a call.
I had heard from people that you would know in a few minutes that if you would get along with someone or not. Especially I can. And thats what happened, we continued our call until 5 am in the morning.
She answered everything I wanted to hear without any deviation. And the next morning I was sure and told my dad that its an UNCONDITIONAL YES. He wasn’t sure what i was saying or was I in my senses, being a matured person. But then as he got to know their family, he realised why I did.
What is your most treasured memory with each other? K- There are many but I think the most treasured one is same as rohit’s.
R- We went out for dinner with the siblings, and luckily they were all chilled out. They gave us the space we dint even need, but then we both got a chance to face the sea with her besides me and i felt I could face the world if she is along my side.
Any stories you would like to share? (proposal stories/ most memorable times/ sweetest things that made you have tears/ family’s acceptance)
R- My dad is very fond of her, probably more than me, she is the ideal person. His wish is her command. She is very reactive to whatever dad wishes. She knows how to address any kind of a situation. I cant believe she isnt from a joint family. She knows the demands of such a family.

Lets talk about the wedding
What is the style of ceremony. Traditional Marwari wedding
City and location where the wedding is going to take place. What made you choose this destination? Location- Madhubhan resort, Anand
Is there a theme to any function?

Why Destination Photographers for photography? K – Had been following on social media for quite a long time . Love your work.
Event planner’s company Velvet events
Make up artist: Simmy Makwana
Caterers: Madhubhan (in house)

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