Ayush Ishita Wedding Trailer

Ayush Ishita Wedding

Ishita – born and brought up in Mumbai; currently in Mumbai Ayush – born and brought up in Kota, Rajasthan; currently in Mumbai. Let’s slide through their journey from this trailer
Ishita is a Filmmaker. She did her BMM from Usha Praveen Gandhi College and Masters in Film and Television Production from Xaviers Institute of Communications. She works as an Assistant Director in films, ads and TV shows, and occasionally makes short films of her own.

Ayush is a Product Manager at Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co. He is a Chemical Engineer from IIT Bombay. He worked on his startup called Humming Whale Product Innovations before joining the Innovation Cell at Godrej Appliances.

It was 2010,Ayush was the Core Group Member for Competitions in Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay’s college fest, when Ishita was leading her college cultural team as a participant. For Ishita, it was love at first sight. If she had to quote a dialogue from Jerry Mcguire, “He had me at ‘Hello’.” But it was one sided. Ishita just wanted to get to know him more, but she thought he was distracted. At one point she also thought he was in a relationship with someone else. Theirs is a classic case study of Serendipity. Ayush Ishita kept meeting each other on couple of occassions when it was least expected. Still, they weren’t friends. Cut to 2011, Ishita met with an accident. And as its customary, friends and family paid visits. And yet again, there was a msg in inbox from Ayush inviting their college for the fest. Ishita updated him about her status. she can safely say that, that accident probably changed her life! They started talking. They started hanging out. Maybe he empathised with her or he liked her spirit she didn’t know. That’s when Ishita knew that she wasn’t letting this go by! And then began, what Ishita callws the ‘Blue Print Plan’ of ‘Date Ayush Jain’ and as much as she built it up here and in her mind, it sort of failed. Because as dating goes by, Ayush is a simpleton. Another whole year went by. Ishita gave up all the hope and thought they would end up being friends, who would go for movies, plays etc. But destiny had other plans. It put some sense in Ayush and yet again, when it was least expected, they were dating. That was 2012. Over these years, Ayush and Ishita have seen each other grow out of their teens and become dreamers, two people who want to achieve something not only for themselves, but something that they would make both of them proud. From two carefree souls, they are a couple who is protective of each other. It would be slightly over-reaching of Ishita to say that she knew it the day they met, that they would begin their ‘Always’. But Ishita can safely say, that she definitely wished for it.
There are so many great moments in the past, their getaways, movie dates and morning breakfast dates, they have done it all. But as per Ishita the most special would be the wedding planning. Because, planning a wedding changes you as a person. Specially for them, as were are so invested in it. They were literally trying (And failing) to control this whole wedding preparation. Most of their disagreements and fights had happened in prepping for this day. It is very easy to lose sight of a ‘Marriage’ in planning for the ‘wedding’. It happened to them. But, the fact that they were able to get past those moments of frenzy was actually very special for Ishita.
Ishita’s most memorable moment would be the proposal story.
It was a Gujarati Style wedding.
Narayani Heights, Ahmedabad. It’s because its a middle point for both families and its extremely cost effective.
Festination photographers because Ishita likes our work, our show reel is really impressive and she likes the fact that we are open to experiments.
Wedding outfits by: Sangeet – Pratap Sons, Jaipur. Varmala – Flyrobe. Phere – Paaneri, Mumbai
Caterers: In house
Photography: Destination Photogrphers

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