Adit Shubhra Prewedding

Adit Shubhra Prewedding

Adit Shubhra

Glimpse about them.

Both of them are originally from Baroda and continue to reside there.
Adit pursued his bachelors in business administration, followed by an MBA in U.K. He is a young entrepreneur currently running his own business of freeze frying products under the name of Ruchi Foods LLP. Shubhra, is a techie who pursued her bachelors in computer engineering and worked with IBM India. She did her MBA recently from London and is currently managing her family business.

How they met?

Shubhra and Adit have known each other since kindergarten. Adit Shubhra did their entire schooling together and have been dating for more than 10 years now. Theirs is a high school love story.
After completing their education and settling down in their work life, they decided to get married to each other considering how they have been inseparable beyond time and distance, the team they form and the rare and precious connection they have.

Personally, I feel it is extremely rare to find a couple that sticks together through all the ups and downs while growing up. It has never been an easy journey for them right from living apart to convincing Adit’s family, but not for a minute they thought of parting their ways. There have been no breaks or break ups even when they were in a long distance relationship for 3 years.


Glimpse to their personal life and wedding thouths

From the start, Adit Shubhra have been complete opposites. Shubhra, was entirely into studying and aced it in school and college. She is someone more on the creative side and loves dancing and crafts. Adit, on the other hand is a sports person who participated in various state and national level events, never worried about his marksheet and yet managed to do very well. Shubhra is an over thinker, who’s worried about things that doesn’t even exist, whereas Adit is generally calm and composed. They are the yin and yang to each to each other, although opposites, they compliment and balance each other to become a perfect whole. It is all about the small things in life that matter to both of them and thus continue to do tiny little things in their daily lives that makes the other person feel special.

P.S : The stories are endless and as filmy as they can get. Right from high school love to Adit’s proposal.

For Shubhra, wedding is more than just a celebration. It is an emotional journey. So she preferred to get married from her home itself where she grew up. Hence because of the sentimental value, they preferred to do in their home town, where everyone spanning from the smallest of people who work for them to their close relatives could be a part of their journey.

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