Aashka & Jagir wedding Trailer ( Same Day Edit)

Aashka & Jagir wedding Trailer ( Same Day Edit)

Wedding Trailer of Aashka & Jagir

Glimpse of Aashka & Jagir’s life

Aashka is originally from Ahmedabad born and brought up there but lives in bombay since 16 years now.
Jagir was born in Nairobi (Kenya), where he also grew up. At 16 years old, he moved to Perth (Australia) with his family, where he remains.

Aashka is a cosmetic dentist , practising since 7-8 years now
Loves music and dancing , is a fitness freak. Jagir is an engineer, which he is practising again after a 4 year hiatus. He, along with his friend, also run a small business in Perth city. He loves football, music, cricket (most sports in general), video games, travelling. Aashka and Jagir met via arranged through a strong reference

How it all started?

They started talking on watsapp , facetime and then Jagir personally flew down frm australia to meet her and thats whr they said yes to each other , after meeting a couple of times and spending time together.



Mount abu , Rajasthan
Bikaner palace

Since they were getting married in April , peak month of summer , Abu’s climate seemed like a good idea, being very pleasant

Also both wanted a small wedding
And bride always had a dream to marry in Rajasthan


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