architectural style blends

Posted by | July 19, 2020
Drawing Inspiration from Around the World | Spectacular Swedish Architecture

How spectacular is Swedish architecture? With surprisingly few skyscrapers preserved and plenty of ancient buildings restored, Stockholm has an exceptionally short skyline for a city of its size. That does not,...

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heritage monuments
Posted by | November 28, 2018
A Treasure Trove of Architectural History | The Beautiful Budapest of Hungary

How fascinating is Budapest architecture? As for architecture, Budapest is essentially a living museum with some of Europe's most famous periods in architectural history. In general, the city and its...

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Posted by | August 26, 2017
Become One With Nature | The Eco-Friendly Machan Resort at Lonavala

How fascinating is the eco-friendliness of the architecture at The Machan Resort? Welcome to your house in the forests. The Machan Resort Lonavala, situated in Jambuine, two-and-a-half hours from Mumbai...

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