Opulent Magnificence | A Lovely Italian Wedding

Opulent Magnificence | A Lovely Italian Wedding

A lovely Italian wedding How beautiful are Italian weddings?

The customs of Italian weddings are so interesting because they differ from region to region, even though the loveliest are valued worldwide. Couples who wish, as per the tradition of their ancestors, to have a wedding in Italy or at least incorporate elements from their cultures, would follow these key traditions of Italian weddings. First, a man offers a woman a diamond ring that is a sign of the lifetime of love, a vow to marry, the very first step toward their life together, and then a passionate kiss seals this commitment. Dating back to the mediaeval era, engagement rings are still one of the most famous traditions not only in Italy, but in the whole world. The couple can be regarded as formally engaged from this moment on. The engagement party arrives next. As in other cultures, this is not part of the tradition of Italian weddings. Nevertheless, what occurs is that the couple organises a meeting with both their families to encourage them to know each other if this has not occurred before and then declare their intention to share a family life. Next, a new innovation that began in America in the 1970s are the ‘hen’ or bachelorette parties. In Italy, these parties are a chance for friends, even those who are not invited to the wedding, to have a nice dinner and engage in fun. A night out with friends, typically a weekend or two prior to the actual wedding in Italian has become common.

What does the wedding day look like?

An Italian bride passes the night at her parents’ house before her wedding. Some people wear green because it is said to bring good luck. The bride, aside from her wedding ring, is not expected to wear any gold on her wedding day, it is deemed bad luck. Anything old, something new, anything borrowed, something blue, and anything she got as a present must be worn by the bride for her wedding in Italy. Before the ceremony of the wedding in Italian, the groom must not see the bride, he is with his witness at the altar and waits until the bride comes in, accompanied by her father who will be giving her away. The father of the bride shakes the hand of the groom, kisses his daughter, and walks back to the first row of benches next to the mother of the bride.

Rice is tossed at the couple to symbolise a shower of fertility after coming out of the church or wedding hall. All the guests meet the newlyweds outside the wedding venue and congratulate them. The bride and groom have to break a log in two in some regions in Italy with a double handle saw post the wedding. This symbolises the partnership of the couple in marriage. The wedding in Italy cost can be anywhere between 20000 to 80000 euros. However, the wedding day is one of the most precious days in the lives of the couple and they can shortlist the wedding in Italy packages according to their budgeted wedding in Italy cost. Most importantly, they would focus on having the finest wedding in Italy pictures offered by the best wedding in Italy packages for photography.  

Let’s now witness Maurizio’s union with the girl of his dreams, Maria Pia, through the wedding in Italy pictures captured by Team Destination Photographers. As a wedding photographer himself, Maurizio, his bride, and his wedding in the South of Italy had to be photographed beautifully. 

Why choose Destination photographers for your Italian weddings?

We, at Destination Photographers, bring to you a promise of a cherished bundle of memories from your wedding in Italy. Your traditions and oozing magnificence are sure to be captured by us in the finest manner possible!


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