Malaysian Sunsets and Blossoming Love | An Exotic Beach Wedding

Malaysian Sunsets and Blossoming Love | An Exotic Beach Wedding

nullAn Exotic Beach Wedding

How fascinating is a wedding in Malaysia?

Indian weddings performed as per Hindu customs in Malaysia are traditional, vibrant, and festive ceremonies. They address the social, religious, and legal aspects of marriage. They are ultimately divided into rituals for pre-wedding, wedding day, and post wedding. Rich in special traditions, Hindu weddings are packed with religious and cultural activities carried out in accordance with family tastes, with joy and enchantments. In fact, due to the addition of domestic rituals and culture, weddings celebrated here differ from their native counterparts in a multicultural environment like Malaysia. The splendor of Malaysian beaches, cruises and resorts provide the perfect ambience for the most romantic weddings. An Indian wedding in Malaysia is truly a sight to behold! Whether you have a wedding in Malaysia beach or resort, its beauty and splendor is definitely going to be picturesque. 

Let’s go on a journey with Rajit and Chitra as they unite in their Indian wedding in Malaysia. 

How did their fire begin?

Rajit hails from Bhavnagar while Chitra is from Mumbai. Their love blossomed for about 2-3 years before Rajit made the most romantic proposal to Chitra on a cruise. And Chitra joyously said, “Yes!” Here they are uniting with panache in their wedding ceremony in Malaysia. 

What did their wedding ceremony in Malaysia look like?

Rajit and Chitra united in Langkawi, Malaysia. The Sangeet was one of the most melodious symphonies. With a fabulous sunset wedding in Malaysia beach, their love painted the perfect picture for their photographers. 

Why choose Destination Photographers for your wedding in Malaysia?

We, at Destination Photographers, are willing to travel anywhere around the globe to capture your union in the finest possible manner. From us, you have the promise of receiving a truly beautiful bundle of memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. 


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