Weaving Tastes Of Different Lands | An Exciting Multiple Destination Wedding

Weaving Tastes Of Different Lands | An Exciting Multiple Destination Wedding

An Exciting Multiple Destination weddingHow would you like a multiple destination wedding captured by a photographer in Lucknow who would travel to all your chosen places?

Imagine a pre wedding in Portugal, wedding in Hyderabad, and sangeet and reception in Lucknow. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? The lovely couple, Samarth and Sindhuri, truly had the best gala of their lives after seven years of togetherness! Vibrant and exuberant, this bride and groom are truly powerhouses of beauty and energy. If you simply take a look at their photos, you will see that they are truly a charm for their chosen photographer in Lucknow.

You must be wondering why they chose a wedding photographer in Lucknow. Theirs was to be a traditional Indian wedding elaborate with Telugu Brahmin marriage rituals in Hyderabad and the fun Sangeet and reception was to happen at Lucknow. After going through a huge list of candid photographer in Lucknow to capture their Lucknawi and Telugu Brahmin marriage rituals in the best possible manner, they landed upon Destination Photographers who were enthusiastically willing to even travel to any destination for any function. This wedding photographer in Lucknow is originally based in Ahmedabad but shoots pan India and abroad as well. Once they decided they found the best photographer in Lucknow for the Sangeet and reception, they decided that Destination Photographers would also be their pre wedding photographers Portugal and wedding photographers in Hyderabad. Truly a very happy moment for them, Samarth and Shindhuri were beyond excited to have one photography team be their finest pre wedding photographers Portugal, professional wedding photographers in Hyderabad, and the best photographer in Lucknow.

What was their pre wedding in Portugal like?

Samarth and Sindhuri truly enjoyed their pre wedding in Portugal. The beautiful cliffs, clear sunshine, and exotic beaches make Portugal a truly spectacular pre wedding shoot location. After going through a huge list of pre wedding in Portugal packages for travel and stay, Samarth and Sindhuri shortlisted among them a few  pre wedding in Portugal packages. After further analysis of the pre wedding in Portugal cost, they finalized on one package with a pre wedding in Portugal cost that fit their budget. And we, as their photographers were beyond delighted to travel with them for their pre wedding shoot. The beauty and elegance of the offbeat Portugal is sure to take your breath away as it slowly unfolds through the blissful pre wedding pictures of Samarth and Sindhuri.

What did their wedding in Hyderabad look like?

Samarth and Sindhuri, through meticulous planning, ensured the comfort of their guests by sending them links to fashionable yet comfortable wedding wear. In a traditional South Indian wedding ceremony at one of the finest wedding venues in Hyderabad, Samarth and Sindhuri tied the knot. Their wedding planners in Hyderabad indeed did a marvelous job of beautifying Sree Raja Rajeshwari Gardens, definitely one of the best wedding venues in Hyderabad. Their wedding in resort Hyderabad was definitely a sight to behold. As the ceremony became more and more vibrant with rituals and wide smiles, the decoration work of the wedding planners in Hyderabad gained a more beautiful feel. As they finally united, their wedding in resort Hyderabad roared in cheer and blessings.

How exciting was their Sangeet and Reception in Lucknow?

Two days after their wedding in Hyderabad, Samarth, Sindhuri, their families, friends, and photographer in Lucknow Hazratganj travelled to Lucknow for an exuberant Sangeet and reception. The Sangeet, brimming with songs, dancing, and fun happened at Hotel Dayal Paradise where their candid photographer in Lucknow captured moments of pure bliss on the many cheerful faces. When dusk arrived, the small North Indian-themed reception at the Renaissance Lucknow Hotel took shape. Both ceremonies were truly filled with ecstatic energies as beautifully visible in the pictures captured by their photographer in Lucknow Hazratganj.

Why choose Destination Photographers as your photographer in Lucknow?

A truly versatile team of photographers, Destination Photographers brings to you a promise of a beautifully packaged bundle of memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Willing to travel all over the world with you, we assure that you will have a ravishing photoshoot experience with us!


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