Ecstatic Energy and Vibrant Exuberance | An Eye Candy-Like Bengali Wedding

Ecstatic Energy and Vibrant Exuberance | An Eye Candy-Like Bengali Wedding

An Eye Candy-Like Bengali WeddingHow exuberant is a Bengali wedding?

Though the Bengali fascination with football, sweets, fish, and Durga Puja is well known, there are many other lesser-known ones. Interestingly, they are just as fascinated with their weddings, for example, as can be observed during a typical Bengali wedding. A Hindu Bengali wedding is not an affair of one or two days, but can continue for over a week as well. Most often, before the wedding day, friends and family members are often seen visiting the home of the Bengali wedding bride or groom for the whole week.

The visits are not only intended to get together, have good talks and fun, enjoy scrumptious food, but are also aimed at performing multiple Bengali wedding rituals. The Bengali wedding rituals may or may not include either the Bengali wedding bride or groom. Many activities often entail the participation of family and friends. These rituals can be conducted before, during, and even after the wedding day which requires many to be involved. Adan Pradan, meaning giving and taking in English, is the first practice that kick-starts the whole ceremony of the Bengali marriage. Give and take here is not about giving the family of one another gifts or money. It is the fundamental need for any wedding-CONSENT.

Sampradan is one of the holiest rituals in which the bride’s hands are eventually offered to the groom’s hands. This is done within the marriage ‘mandapa’ under the ‘chadnatala’ by a male family member, ideally by the bride’s father. The Yagna is performed by the priest as he sings Vedic Mantras. The Yagna seeks to satisfy the gods and goddesses and receive their blessings for the couple. Following the Yagna, the bride and groom traverse six rounds around the Yagna pit. The Saptapadi ritual is believed to create the eternal union of the two souls. Sindoor daan is the final ritual of the Bengali marriage ceremony. In this ceremony, the groom places Sindoor on the bride’s forehead without gazing at her, while the bride places a saree above her head named ‘ghoomta.’

How to capture the charm of a Bengali wedding?

To capture the truest bliss of a Bengali wedding, you must hire the best photographer in Kolkata. When you begin searching for the best photographer in Kolkata, you are sure to come across a huge list of wedding photographers in Kolkata. Photography in Kolkata is indeed alluring as you will soon discover for yourself that the portfolios of many wedding photographers in Kolkata are absolutely exquisite. What you must do is find the photography in Kolkata that vibes the best with you. Do you wish to have your wedding captured in a narrative style? Choose a photojournalist. Do you wish to have the intricacies of the Bengali wedding bride captured best? Choose a female photographer in Kolkata. Ask yourself such questions and then look at the wedding photographers in Kolkata with rates. Once you find the Bengali wedding photography that resonates the most with you, you can even schedule interviews to understand your shortlisted wedding photographers in Kolkata with rates. Then, you can finalize on your chosen best!

Witness the splendor of a vibrant Bengali wedding with Roni and Sreoshy as they get captured by their chosen photographer in Kolkata.

What did their Bengali wedding look like?

Based in New York, Roni and Sreoshy decided to tie the knot in Kolkata, their hometown. A fantastic amalgamation of multicultural people attending a purely traditional Bengali wedding, their Bengali wedding photography captures this splendid confluence in the best way possible! Roni and Sreoshy’s chosen best Destination Photographers teamed up with a French Photographer, William Labelet, to capture their exquisite charm! Here’s what they said to say about their choice of photographer in Kolkata, “Working with Destination Photographers was like having a best friend along to take your wedding photos. One who knows the in’s and out’s of your heart! She is a jewel to work with and we were honored to have her photograph our wedding.”

Why choose Destination Photographers as your photographer in Kolkata?

We, at Destination Photographers, promise to bring out the charm of your treasured Bengali wedding moments in the finest manner possible. With the guarantee of the best quality and impeccable finesse, a bundle of beautiful memories is sure to find you!


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