Simple Meets Lavish | A Stunning Garhwali/Marwari Wedding

Simple Meets Lavish | A Stunning Garhwali/Marwari Wedding

A stunning marwari wedding

How beautiful is a Garhwal wedding blended with Marwari rituals?

It is a gift given to few to get married according to the Pahari traditions and if you are a Garhwali who lives in the cities or abroad then you must have wanted to get married according to the Pahari traditions. But the unfortunate part is that you’re not aware of the traditional Garhwal wedding ceremonies that were performed. Don’t worry, you don’t have to think about it because we’ve gathered some credible information with everything you need to know about the traditional Garhwal Uttarakhand wedding! 

In a Garhwal wedding, the most talked about element is the traditional Tehri Nath also recognized as Nathuli. Either the parents of the bride or the mother of the groom forward the Tehri Nath to the bride. Sophisticated henna designs are rendered on the hands of the bride and groom in the mehndi ceremony. The women sing and dance to Garhwali music tunes and give the couple warm blessings. Once the baraat enters the house, they are lovingly served with scrumptious Indian delicacies. When all of the guests leave, the bride and groom then share dinner with their close friends together. And finally, the bride and groom settle on the mandap after dinner to get the knot tied! Such is the beauty of the Garhwal Uttarakhand wedding. 

To blend your Garhwal wedding with Marwari rituals is even more exciting. While Pahari weddings are simple, Marwari weddings are full of pomp and splendor. All of the Garhwali wedding rituals can be witnessed in Marwari, too but with more lavishness and royalty! Striking a balance between simplicity and royalty is definitely a joyous task! 

Watch how Neha and Vivek do this in their Garhwali and Marwari wedding in Ahmedabad. 

Who are these loves?

Neha is a Garhwali who currently resides in the United States. A very dedicated woman, she works for a CRO. 

Vivek is a Marwari who also currently recess in the United States. An aviation research scientist, he is a very focused man. 

What did their wedding look like?

Because of their jobs, Neha was in Philadelphia while Vivek was in Washington, D.C. Inevitably, they met each other and their love blossomed so beautifully that they are now here, tying the knot! They had a typical Hindu wedding ceremony with elements of Garhwal wedding and Marwari wedding beautifully blended together. Check out their photographs to watch how they succeeded in doing this at Hyatt, Ahmedabad! 

Their chosen photographer, Destination Photographers, was truly amazed by the dedication that Rakesh, Neha’s brother, had in planning her wedding. He spoke to us for about an hour and we instantly clicked! It was truly spectacular to witness such intense love, care, and affection through Rakesh’s eyes as he wonderfully took charge of his dear sister’s wedding! 

The vendors who made their wedding truly splendid are:

Bridal Outfit: Asopalav, Kalaniketan 

Bridal Jewelry: Tanishq

Hair and Makeup Artist: Aanal Patel and Mayuri from Orange Salon

Photographer: Destination Photographers

Why choose Destination Photographers for your Garhwal wedding or Marwari wedding?

We, at Destination Photographers, promise to bring out the rituals, passion, and charm of your Garhwal wedding, Marwari wedding or even the two of them combined in the most spectacular manner! A beautiful bundle of memories is sure to come your way!

Here is Neha and Vivek’s testimony: “Radhika Pandit. She is phenomenal and words probably won’t do justice. She took the time to understand my vision and captured the moments wonderfully. A thorough professional with a personal touch; she became a part of our family before we knew it! Can’t recommend her enough…a petite powerhouse!”


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