Nagpur’s Finest | Indian Wedding and its Splendor

Nagpur’s Finest | Indian Wedding and its Splendor

Indian weddin and its splendor

How energetic is a wedding in India?

Brimming with tradition, songs, festivity, dances, and cheer, a wedding in India is indeed a sight to watch. Indian wedding photography is a beautiful portrayal of a splendid wedding in India. ‘Big fat’ is the way to go with Indian weddings. However, wedding in India now, that is, wedding in India during lockdown and wedding in India after lockdown is seeing a trend of moving towards ‘small virtual’ or intimate house weddings. Nevertheless, even with many changes made to wedding in India now, wedding in India during lockdown, and wedding in India after lockdown, the ceremonies will continue to echo wondrous beauty and elegance. To capture such a marvelous charm, you need the best Indian wedding photography for your Indian wedding reception and Indian wedding day. Ecstatic songs and fun in your Indian wedding reception and vibrant rituals on the wedding day, the task of wedding Indian photography is just as exciting. Go on, witness the exuberance of blissful wedding Indian photography and immerse yourself into the ravishing world of Indian weddings.

Let’s travel to Seth and Vidhi’s Indian wedding in Nagpur as captured by their chosen best photographer in Nagpur.

Who are these loves?

Vidhi is a Graphic Designer who was born and brought up in Nagpur. Interestingly, she has lived in many cities, including Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore. She moved to the US during grad school and currently lives there. Very passionate towards Design, she loves colors and minimal clean-cut aesthetics, too! She really enjoys spending time with her close people and appreciates a great conversation. Also a music lover, she genuinely believes that dancing can make one forget all worries. A family-oriented woman, she cherishes every minute that she spends with her family. What’s more? She loves, loves, loves Pani Puri!

Seth was born and brought up in Baltimore. Fascinatingly, he loves that city for its people. He has always been good at Mathematics and Computer Science and is currently working as a Developer. Nevertheless, he can never make up his mind about what he likes best! A coffee lover, he googles every thought he has! HE even has his very own YouTube channel. Interestingly, he enjoys traveling and playing video games. What’s even more surprising is that he doesn’t like sleeping! A nap makes him grouchy! Needless to say, he is a very enthusiastic man, who never lets any opportunity slide by. He wishes to keep traveling the world and make many cities his home.

How did their fire begin?

Vidhi and Seth met during their Master’s. When Seth first saw Vidhi, no one was around and she looked quite tall. Thankfully, she was just a bit shorter than him! His first text to her was a type. Vidhi smiled and liked him immediately. Multiple texts later, he asked her out on a date to a classical music concert. In a world filled with “Let me buy you a drink,” this invite felt unusual and Vidhi obviously got curious. Stories, waves of laughter, hours and hours of conversation later, they knew there would be another date and another and another. Seth was kind, honest, adventurous, and very real. They had different backgrounds and interests but similar hopes and dreams. Oh man, were they dreamy! Seth believes that he knew he wanted to marry her on their first date but Vidhi took slightly longer! They have always been practical and honest with each other. Beautifully, they knew we were from different parts of the world and them getting together would require some convincing, for the family, and frankly, for themselves. They are both talkers and so, they talked…about everything, and here they are, on their wedding day getting captured by their chosen best photographer in Nagpur!

What did their wedding in India look like?

Vidhi and Seth had a splendid wedding at The Empress Palace, Nagpur. After hiring wedding vendors, they went through a list of wedding photographers in Nagpur and freelance photographer in Nagpur. Then, they shortlisted the best liked portfolios of wedding photographers in Nagpur and freelance photographer in Nagpur. Finally, they zeroed in on Destination Photographers to be their photographer in Nagpur. Their wedding brimmed with traditions exquisite and a charm lavish. Vidhi look spectacular in her Indian wedding dress and Seth complemented her just perfectly. Their Nagpur wedding photos are truly a sight to watch!

The vendors who made their union so blissful were:

Wedding Planners: Shaadi Baraati

Bridal Outfits: Aayushi Maniar, Anushree Reddy, Aisha Rao

Bridal Jewellery: Labels of Love

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Richa Dhillon

Photographer in Nagpur: Destination Photographers

Why choose Destination Photographers to be your wedding in India photographer?

We, at Destination Photographers, guarantee for you a bundle of beautifully packaged memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Let us be your photographer in Nagpur or anywhere else in the world and watch the promise of spendid photojournalist photos come to life!


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