Cultural Extravaganza | Spectacular Islamic Wedding

Cultural Extravaganza | Spectacular Islamic Wedding

spectacular islamic wedding

What is the charm of an Islamic wedding?

The Islamic wedding is known as nikah. A beautiful ceremony, the bride need not be present for the wedding in Islam nikah as long as she sends two witnesses to the drawn-up agreement. The wedding in Islam usually consists of wedding verses in Quran, and exchanging vows by both partners in front of witnesses. There is no special religious official required, but the Imam is always present to conduct the wedding in Islam nikah. He may even be giving a short sermon and reading of wedding verses in Quran.

There are some aspects that are central to all Muslim marriages. Marriages need to be publicly declared. They are never to be done in secret. Interestingly, the publicity for a wedding in Islamic way is usually done by having a major feast, or walimah.

This is a party exclusively for the purpose of publicly announcing that the pair are has their wedding in Islam and are mutually entitled. Many wedding traditions are cultural, and not Islamic. The bride and groom can even be made to sit on a platform, on ‘thrones,’ to be seen by the guests. They can collect donations, or money gifts. Most brides prefer, for their wedding in Islamic way, a traditional white wedding dress, but brides from the Asian subcontinent also choose a golden-threaded salwar-kameez outfit with henna patterned hands and feet. They may also have large feasts with hundreds of visitors, usually in different rooms for males and females. Many Muslims have small celebration parties with only close relatives and associates who bestow the couple with Islamic wedding wishes

Let’s go on a journey with Rahim and Shama and witness the beauty of their wedding in Islam mosque.

Who are these sweethearts?

Shama is a fashion designer who was born and brought up in Mumbai. As a very creative person, she enjoys designing, reading, music, shopping, and trying out new cuisine. She even dislikes public speaking and dancing to some extent

Rahim is a very successful man who is involved in the business of luxury hair care products for salons. Born in Mumbai, he was brought up in Toronto. He moved back in 2014. Interestingly, he is somewhat of a perfectionist but in general, he is quite chilled out. He also enjoys music and reading. Additionally, he loves playing basketball and traveling. As a very confident man, he enjoys being in the spotlight

How did their Islamic wedding come about?

Rahim and Shama met each other through an arranged marriage set-up. Fascinatingly, they connected with each other on so many levels the very first time that they met. In terms of priorities, personality, and intellect, they keep finding new instances to say “same pinch”. The memory of the proposal that Rahim made for Shama to celebrate one year of meeting each other is cherished by them. Rahim had made all reservations and Shama had no idea about it! One morning, she found a pretty red dress waiting for her on her bed with beautiful accessories. She was told that they were going to a family brunch but it was actually an intimate lunch at Hakasan. This was just the beginning of the surprise! After lunch, Rahmin took Shama to a place that he had booked. A truly beautiful sight indeed, it was decorated with flowers and balloons. In the middle of the room, there was a little heart that was shaped with flowers and the two magical words,“Marry Me”, were encased in it. Shama could not believe it. Since then, he has always been bringing light into Shama’s life through such grand and even some more subtle surprises.

What did their Islamic wedding look like?

Rahim and Shama’s wedding in Islam mosque was indeed a sight to behold. Blessed with beautiful Islamic wedding wishes, their union was wonderful indeed. The sight of parents reading wedding verses for daughter and son in law was beautiful, indeed. The Sangeet performances were truly cherished as everybody let loose and thoroughly enjoyed this celebration. Rahim’s haldi ceremony was most fun as he had to fight hard to avoid getting random stuff put on him! The wedding in Islam nikah painted a very elegant picture as they were finally pronounced husband and wife. Their truest bliss emanated from their Islamic wedding photos.

The vendors who made their wedding such a beautiful event were:

Location: Islam Gymkhana, Marine Drive

Decor: H. Karmali & co.

Bridal Outfit: Farida Amlani, Sham Amlani

Groom’s Outfit: Millionaire Bombay

Makeup Artist: Nikita Harosa

Hair Stylist: School of Hair

Wedding Invites: Ruchi Srivastava

Entertainer: Roland

DJ: Dream Star

Choreographer: Bhavin Gala

Lights and Sound: Dream Star

Islamic Wedding Photography: Destination Photographers

Why choose Destination Photographers for your Islamic wedding?

We, at Destination Photographers, value your wedding traditions and moments of bliss. From capturing parents reading wedding verses for daughter and son in law to the nikah, we have you covered! Our Islamic wedding photography is a guarantee of a beautifully packaged bundle of Islamic wedding photos curated just for you.


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