Grace and Charm | Beauteous Christian Wedding

Grace and Charm | Beauteous Christian Wedding

Beauteous Christian WeddingWhat is the aura of a Christian wedding?

After months of planning for the perfect wedding, the bride chooses one of the finest Christian wedding gowns or an elegant Christian wedding saree. Then, she eagerly awaits the single most defining day of her life. And finally, the day arrives and a permanent smile rests on her glowing face. A Christian bride walking down the aisle is a sight to watch. Whether in a Christian wedding saree or Christian wedding dress, the beauty of a Christian bride emanates as she walks towards the love of her life. As one of the best Christian wedding gowns floats behind her, her eyes tear up as they meet with the groom’s.

He just can’t take his eyes off of his love, the most beautiful woman in his life who approaches him in her stunning Christian wedding dress. And, the Christian wedding ceremony begins with wedding verses in Bible. Typical of a Catholic wedding, the most emotional moment arrives as they take their Christian wedding vows. The honesty, the passion, the commitment, and the love that emanates from these Christian wedding vows can make everyone shed tears of joy. In the final moments of a blissful Catholic wedding, the bride and groom kiss each other and mark the beginning of their married life together. Indeed, a Christian wedding ceremony brings out the charm of love and promise. The wedding verses add their own touch of divinity and blessings.

Let’s go on a journey with Victoria and Craig as they indulge in wedding in England traditions as seen through their wonderful Christian wedding photoshoot.

How did their wedding plans come about?

Victoria and Craig are a British couple who instead of having a wedding in England, chose to have a beautiful and unique destination wedding in France. They have been to many a wedding in England and witnessed all of the wedding in England traditions. Interestingly, as much as they cherish having a wedding ceremony in England, they decided to do something unique. As their families are very accepting, they were all in when they heard there will not be a wedding ceremony in England but in France!

Then, Victoria and Craig began making all the necessary arrangements with great enthusiasm. They picked out the best outfits for their special day. And if you want an idea for a wedding in England what to wear, take a look at their wonderful Christian wedding photos. Witnessing different cultures is a joy in itself. Victoria and Craig set the perfect answer for wedding in England what to wear. The vibe of their wedding was simply so exquisite. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was their amazing family and friends, or maybe it was the joy of their love; but their union was definitely special. Extremely cordial and hospitable, their charm paved the way for the best Christian wedding pics.

What did their Christian wedding look like?

It was a sunny outdoor wedding in June, the height of the perfect wedding season in France. The wedding took place in Ginestas, near Bezier- South of France amongst sprawling vineyards chateau and fruit trees. A land where grass is always green, the sun is always shining, and fences are always white picket, the place also smelled of fresh cut flowers. The wedding was followed by a cocktail in the backyard and dinner on the front porch.

Undoubtedly, the best Christian wedding pics are of Victoria’s bridesmaids who were so beautifully dressed. They all had coupled up and brought a kind of harmony to the Christian wedding photoshoot. Black and white Christian wedding photography lays the focus on the emotions rather paving way for distractions by the colors. As you can see, the even sunlight and stunning flower decoration added to the beauty of the Christian wedding photos. Undoubtedly, the wedding verses in Bible made their union truly blessed and beautiful.

Why choose Destination Photographers for your Christian wedding?

We, at Destination Photographers, believe in capturing the sentiments of your wedding in the finest possible manner. Our Christian wedding photography is a promise of beauty and quality. From capturing the saying of wedding verses to photographing you throwing a flower bouquet, your most joyous and blissful moments will find their way to you through our photographs and video so you can relive them!


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