Finest Tradition Captures | Blissful Maharashtrian Wedding

Finest Tradition Captures | Blissful Maharashtrian Wedding

Blissful Maharashtrian Wedding

What kind of weddings does a photographer in Pune shoot?

A photographer in Pune shoots all kinds of Marathi wedding photography images and Marathi wedding videos. If you wish to hire the most professional photographer in Pune, Destination Photographers would gladly be at your service! Our Marathi wedding photography images will have Marathi wedding photo poses captured in the finest elegance. If you want a candid Marathi wedding video, we have got you covered for that as well!

Hop on, let’s take a journey with Ritu and Pranav as they brighten into smiles with their Marathi wedding video.

Who are these sweet loves?

Ritu is a very creative woman who works in Landscape Design. A true Maharashtrian at heart, she was born and lives in Pune. Indeed, she looked beautiful in her traditional Marathi wedding saree.

Pranav, like Ritu, was born and currently lives in Pune. Indeed a man who is great with numbers, he works with a wealth management company. He also contributes to his family’s construction business.

How did their passion begin?

Ritu and Pranav have a classic love story. They first met each other during college. Indeed, FLAME University, Pune let their love blossom into something truly magical. Their feeling hearts continued to grow in love with each passing day. After eight beautiful years of dating, Ritu and Pranav finally decided to give themselves the light of a Marathi wedding!

And here they are, receiving service from the most professional photographer in pune after sending out their very own Marathi wedding card! They take over the show with the cutest Marathi wedding videos!

How were Ritu and Pranav treated by Destination Photographers, the best photographer in Pune?

Having sent out a Marathi wedding card to all their loved ones, Ritu and Pranav put on their Marathi wedding dress. The wedding was set to be held at the Oxford Golf Club, Pune. Fascinatingly, the Club is situated right next to their college where they first met! Looking fabulous as they received Marathi wedding wishes, they cherished their union with Marathi wedding photo poses. Their Marathi wedding songs added to the sure to give you a glimpse of just how much in bliss they were! We, at Destination Photographers, ensured that they had the best experience with us as their photographer in Pune for wedding.

Wedding Decorators: The JoySmiths; Jaju Decorators

Marathi Wedding Dress: Ushma Vaidya Label; Natasha Dalal Label

Jewellery for Marathi Wedding Dress for Bride: Pallavi Vikram Jewellery; Reet

Marathi Wedding Saree: Nalli Silk Sarees

Groom Outfit: Shantanu Nikhil; Anita Dongre; House of Homme

Makeup Artist: Tarsha Khorana

Entertainment: Sarthak Sharma; Billu; Lambada

DJ: DJ Sandy

Choreographer for Marathi Wedding Songs: Swapnil Desai

Photographer in Pune for Wedding: Destination Photographers

Why is Team Destination Photographers the best photographer in Pune?

Your cheer, passion, and tradition is sure to find its most cherished portrayal with us working as your wedding photographers. We promise to give you the best Marathi wedding wishes with the finest Marathi wedding photos.


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