Tranquility in Belonging | Intimate House Wedding

Tranquility in Belonging | Intimate House Wedding

Intimate House weddingsWhat is the beauty of a house wedding?

Planning a wedding ceremony is a challenge in itself, whether you are planning your wedding ceremony in a remote place away from home or in your own house. When there is a house wedding ceremony, the amount of planning and preparation one has to do is more than a wedding held in a hotel or resort. If your union is going to be an intimate wedding or a big fat wedding, you’ll need to make sure everything goes alright.

A house wedding ceremony may sound like an old wedding in style, but trust that most couples are still going for the trend. Sometimes because of their tight budget, people tend to host an intimate wedding and often it has to do with the feelings attached to family. Yes, so many brides are connected to their house, where they’re born and raised. They just want their celebration to take place at home so they can have beautiful memories of their particular day. Let us be really clear, though, that hosting a wedding ceremony at home won’t be a cakewalk at all. It will take a lot of planning, comparing several intimate wedding ideas, going through several intimate wedding packages, and hiring the best vendors for intimate wedding ideas and intimate wedding photography. Make sure you choose the best suited intimate wedding packages that offer the finest intimate wedding ideas India and intimate wedding photography.

Note that as compared to a hotel or another wedding hall hosting a wedding, planning an intimate wedding is no easy feat. You will need to see everything from preparation to execution when you plan a wedding at home and there is no escape, trust us on that! But, the wedding house photos that you will receive, will definitely be one of a kind.

Let’s witness the union of the cheery couple, Akriti and Vishal. They cherish love in their intimate house wedding as beautifully evident through their wedding house photos and video captured by the finest wedding photographer in Surat. You could even get some ideas for your very own intimate wedding ideas India.


Who are these joyous loves?

The beautiful bride, Akriti, is a simple Indian woman. Truly, she brims with staunch values, vibrant cultural beliefs, and soaring dreams. She is self-made and most importantly, very grounded. A Marketing Professional, she excels at what she does. She works PAN India and loves her work. Inspiringly, she believes in giving back to society. Consequently, she is the founder of a student-run organization, ‘Zaurat’, and a motivator to many. Through this initiative, she works for the educational upliftment of underprivileged children. She is also very creative and loves to dance. What is most charming about Akriti is that she is the only woman in her family to be educated with a Master’s degree. She is also the only woman who makes her own living. Indeed, her strength and determination to be strong for herself is admirable.

The dashing groom, Vishal, is a Marketing Manager who works in San Francisco, USA. Like Akriti, he is a grounded and self-made man. He has deep-rooted cultural and moral values. Also, he is an avid sports enthusiast who dreams to work as a Data Analyst for Manchester United. Interestingly, he shares the same views as Akriti with regard to education and the empowerment it offers.


How did their fire begin?

Vishal and Akriti spoke for exactly four months before finally meeting each other. Vishal flew across oceans and seas to meet Akriti. In those four months, they had never confessed their feelings for each other. Once, Akriti asked Vishal to teach her probability. He then asked her the probability of them having a good time when they meet each other. Happily, Akriti replied, “1/1=1”. Their parents wanted both families to meet before Akriti and Vishal personally met. Indeed, very typical of an arranged marriage setup!

At the first glance, Vishal was seated with his family. Akriti blushed with all the cheer in the world as she had eagerly waited to meet him. Quite obviously, Vishal was jet lagged after a thirty-hour flight. The first thing he said to Akriti with a temper was, “Reh logi na SFO mein”. Notably, Vishal was afraid of committing to a relationship for life. Eventually, they went on a drive to a sea-side place. While he was constantly asking Akriti’s views, she simply hugged him. Nuzzling in the curve of his neck, she said, “Sambhal loge na.” Truly, in the most romantic way possible, they said “yes” to each other.

However, on their way back, Vishal said he needs more time to think. Of course, this made Akriti fume with anger. But, she did not show it. Instead, she asked him to send her the pictures they took together if he wants to say “yes”. No more than twenty minutes after she dropped him home, Akriti’s phone buzzed with the pictures Vishal sent. Now, here they are in an intimate house wedding with boundless love.


What did their house wedding look like?

Undoubtedly, the most blissful element of Akriti and Vishal’s union is their house wedding of which they had the best wedding house photography. Interestingly, Akriti herself made a Haldi function dress using some lively flowers. They even had a Flower Holi to energize their celebration! After months of planning and looking through intimate wedding ideas and a list of many a freelance photographer in Surat, they finally zeroed in on their most liked one and hired the best photographer in Surat. Their wedding house photography and videography enhances their lovely union’s charm as they chose their best photographer in Surat.

The vendors who made the job of the photographer in Surat so delightful were:

Venue: Royal Celebration

Bridal Outfit: Sneh Dalmia Official

Bridal Jewellery Designer: Raj Gharana

Groom’s Outfit: Jade Blue

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Sejal Savaliya

Mehendi Artist: Sona Mistry Mehendi

Wedding Invites: Akriti

Choreographer: Ritu’s Dance Studio

Photographer in Surat: Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers for your house wedding?

As the best wedding photographer in Surat, Destination Photographers promises to capture your moments of bliss with finesse and beauty. A guarantee of a beautiful bundle of memories is sure to find you from the finest freelance photographer in Surat.


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