Vibrant Cheer | Joyous Indian Wedding

Vibrant Cheer | Joyous Indian Wedding


How charming is the picture of an Indian couple wedding?

Love blossoms, smiles widen, and cheer turns manifold in the vibrant aura of an Indian couple wedding. Take your better half to a spectacular destination and give those cool Indian couple wedding poses for the finest Indian couple wedding images. Go on, let your light shine through your stunning Indian couple wedding poses in a very exciting Indian couple wedding photoshoot. Put on your chosen best Indian couple wedding dress and smile your most beautiful smile on your big day as you get captured in your Indian couple wedding images. Indeed, the love that emanates from your Indian couple wedding photoshoot is sure to make you even more charming in your Indian couple wedding dress. 

Having over 500 languages and 6,000 dialects, India’s diverse cultures and religions form the wedding ceremonies today, so Indian weddings differ according to their area of origin. Undoubtedly, Indian couple wedding pics portray such fascinating diversity. There are several different ceremonies that can also take place over many days as part of an Indian wedding ceremony. Being one of the most religiously and culturally diverse lands in the world, India boasts unique, vibrant cultural wedding ceremonies ranging from elegant, simple, to beautifully sophisticated. Part of the ambiguity arises from the idea of the presence of entire families and societies when an Indian couple marries. Who wouldn’t love all the pomp and splendor to be captured in the best Indian couple wedding pics?    

Let’s go on a journey with Devish and Mohini’s Indian couple wedding photography and witness the beauty of their wedding couple photos. 


Who are these loves?

Mohini is a Chartered Accountant from Mumbai. She loves food, especially pizza and desserts. Fascinatingly, she is a big fan of Bollywood movies and music. She also enjoys being around her family and friends.

Devish works in his family’s business. Loyalty and trust matter the most to him. He’s a lot of fun, really caring and can be really comical.


How did their fire begin?

Mohini has a big, big, big family. Everyone is full of life and they’re all always very excited about everything, especially about food. They love to travel and they love good music.

Devish has a massive family – very united and always looking for some fun.

From the first time they met, there was an instant connection between the two of them and a vibe they both did not want to get out of. Devish’s older cousin brother, Shailendra Gala and Mohini’s father are childhood school friends. Upon a discussion, they shared an interest in making Mohini and Devish meet.

Following this, both of them met for multiple dinners but the drives to and fro dinners were where all the “important” discussions took place.

It literally took Devish a drive from home to pick her up to go till Chembur and return back till her house to tell her his feelings for her. He wanted to take the next step in the relationship.

It was pretty obvious that she feels the same, too!

Mohini had gone to Dubai to shop before the wedding for 4 days with her sisters and friends. One morning when she was there, Mohini’s father called her up to tell her he’s booked a yacht for her friends and her to enjoy the evening and to take a break from all the shopping. In excitement, Mohini called Devish up and told him about the yacht, and he shared her excitement by telling her that it’s so thoughtful of dad to book it for her and that it’ll be a lot of fun. As she walked towards the yacht, Mohini had no idea what was in store for her.  


What was their moment?

The wedding couple photos of Devish and Mohini speak volumes of boundless cheer and love. Let’s see how they arrived at their “moment”.

As soon as she reached the yacht, she saw Devish standing there and she ran into his arms. She was confused and excited at the same time. Mohini was very happy to see him but had no idea how and when he came all the way to Dubai from Bombay. As the realisation of him being there kicked in, one more of Devish’s surprises also kicked in. Both his parents and Mohini’s parents were hiding on the yacht to surprise her and be there with the two of them.

By now she was on 7th heaven, not knowing that this ride was going to get a whole lot better. While she was happily distracted by the family, Devish put on a blazer and reached the front deck of the yacht. He called out her name and she went to him. As she reached him and held his hands, he went down on his knees and proposed to her. In that moment, Mohini was completely drowned in love and emotions and feelings and she wished she could stop time and stay with him there. It was the single happiest moment of her life spent alongside the single most important person in her life and seen by both their families which too was very important to both of them. Indeed, this immense gratitude and affection is reflected in their Indian couple wedding photography.


What did their Indian couple wedding look like?

Devish and Mohini had the times of their lives on their big day as beautifully evident in their Indian couple wedding photos and videos. They spent months planning for their special day to get the finest photo for wedding. Undoubtedly, they wanted to have the most blissful Indian couple wedding photos. To set a fabulous vibe for their wedding, they hired their chosen best wedding planner and photographer in Mumbai. From elegant photo for wedding ring and wedding reception photos to photo for wedding cake, they wished to have the best of memories to take back home with them. Indeed, they wished to look back on the photo for wedding ring, wedding reception photos, and photo for wedding cake every year after their wedding. To receive such a wonderful photo for wedding anniversary, they chose who they believed was the best photographer in Mumbai. After hiring a professional photographer in Mumbai, they were sure to have a cherished photo for wedding this year and photo for wedding anniversary every year.

Their traditional Jain wedding took place in the lively city of Mumbai, India. Their photographer in Mumbai for wedding was beyond thrilled to be a part of their union because their wedding plans were so vibrant. Lime and Linens, Christmas Brunch, Samurta Matrika Pujan and Tel, Mehendi, Sangeet, Punjabi Mela, and finally the Wedding and Reception; sounds fun, doesn’t it? With such a vibrant sight spread over several days, their professional photographer in Mumbai thoroughly enjoyed capturing their cherished moments. And when your photographer in Mumbai for wedding is so happy in your aura, your Indian couple wedding photos are sure to be wonderful!

The vendors who made their special day even more charming were:

Venue: Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Jade Banquets, Mahalakshmi Race Course

Wedding Planner: Sensation Events

Wedding Decor: Ajay Decorators

Wedding Invites: Artistically Wired Co. by Jaini Gala

Makeup Artist: Vardan Nayak

Caterers: Jyoti, Popular, Food Link

Celebrity Artists: Sachin Jigar, Jigar Saraiya, Gurdeep, Tushar Trivedi, Prem Joshua 

Entertainment: Rita Haria

DJ: Amit Kumar Singh, DJ Jolly

Bartender: Drinq India

Choreographer: Aiishwarya Nair and Team

Photographer in Mumbai: Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers for your Indian couple wedding photography?

We, at Destination Photographers, promise to be the best photographer in Mumbai and anywhere else in the world for we capture you in your most genuine and candid moments with a finesse like no other! Whether you choose to have your wedding in temple in Mumbai or a sprawling resort, we have you covered. The divinity of a wedding in temple in Mumbai or the elegance of a wedding in Mumbai resort is sure to brim in your photographs and videos!



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