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Why choose a woman photographer for your wedding?

A woman photographer, who is in the same age range as most brides, can obviously understand brides and their photography and what they want from their day. While a male wedding photographer may have the same expertise and ability to take photos, on her wedding day, only a woman photographer in India will appreciate the true essence of a bride’s appearance. Placing jewellery, make-up, and wedding gown arrangement will make a beautiful bride look even brighter. Not only can a woman photographer in India ensure that the bride feels her best throughout the day, but it’s the tiniest of things, from noticing a strap sticking out to having an emergency kit filled with hairspray, hair clips, and pins. Your woman photographer near me can appreciate the thought and effort that goes into the specifics of the wedding, like the flowers, the shoes, the accessories. We are yet to find any man who can really appreciate shoes or flowers as a woman does!! As girlfriends, we can communicate in a way that male, middle-aged wedding photographers simply cannot. Find your best woman photographer near me by going through woman photographer Instagram and websites. Once your choose the best woman photographer Instagram and website, you are all set for fabulous wedding pictures photography. 

Youthful wedding photographers usually take photographs with their heart, producing the kind of wedding pictures photography that will appeal to brides innately, naturally. As women, we have an appreciation of our brides built in. When photographers take photos, we concentrate on capturing the moments and storyline above all else. Photographers wedding also try our best to take images that people can connect with, capturing the day’s fleeting moments, making your wedding pictures truly unique and exclusive. From individual pictures before the wedding to the first dance, photographers wedding know that the wedding day of every couple is special and will work tirelessly to create a photographic record of the unique story of that day that will later go on our photographers website. Your union is truly a charm for our service to you and portfolio for us on the photographers website. 

Let’s go on a journey with Pratham and Keerthana as their chosen best photographers in India capture their union ever so blissfully. Indulge in the happy tale of two hearts through their photographer in Dubai photos.  


Who are these sweethearts?

Keerthana is a Gujarati girl from Ahmedabad who lives in Chennai. She has multifaceted interests and is an MBA graduate who is currently learning the knick-knacks of her family business. As a happy and mature individual, Keerthana  is a woman of substance who seeks new learning in every experience. She has an eye for detail and is a fun-loving and enthusiastic person. She also takes keen interest in art and design of all forms like paintings, dance, fashion, literature and the like. Fascinatingly, she has held an exhibition of her artworks in 2018. An avid traveller, she has travelled to many places in India and abroad since a young age. She enjoys reading in her free time and loves socialising with her family and friends. She is creative, spontaneous, adventurous and easy-going. Interestingly, she values traditions as much as she adores the modernity of today.

Pratham sets the perfect example of poised demeanour. He is a man of his virtues. A Mumbaikar all his life, he has successfully, after giving in years of efforts and dedication , climbed the ladders to helm top-level affairs in his family business. He has a charismatic and strong personality. Also, he is a highly focused individual. As a family-oriented man, he always holds family first. He loves to indulge in adventurous activities like trekking and hiking. A hardcore techie and car junkie, in his free time he is most often seen reading up on the same as well as politics and current affairs. He loves travelling. A fun-loving man, he is a happy go-lucky person. His love for food makes him a foodie and he enjoys experimenting with food. Underneath the silent face, there also lies a mischievous side. He is spontaneous and full of energy, always.


How did their fire begin?

They were introduced to each other by mutual contact of the families. They hit it up instantly and saw some great connection building in the process. Their wavelengths and thought-levels matched quite well since the very beginning. Even at a very early stage of their knowing each other, they were both quite accommodating.

On Keerthana’s birthday, Pratham paid her a surprise visit to Chennai and planned out the day for her. He took her to dinner and suddenly while talking to her, he went down on his knee and proposed to Keerthana just 7 days before their official engagement. So, basically Keerthana had two proposals!

Keerthana had fallen ill once for not eating right and ever since that day Pratham always keeps checking if she has eaten on time or not even amidst his busy schedule.

One of the most special moments Pratham cherishes is when Keerthana came home before they decided to say yes to each other and she blended perfectly well with his family without feeling like an outsider.


What are their families like?

Keerthana has a family of four, consisting of her parents and a younger brother who studies computer engineering at San Francisco, USA. All of them usually have a lot of intertwined choices and preferences. Primarily, they like to live life happy and to the fullest wherever they. They enjoy the little things in life. They have strong morals and yet are adaptive to the modern trends.

Pratham also has a family of four consisting of parents and a younger sister who currently is the assistant digital head at Republic TV network. They are highly rooted to their values and traditions and yet have a modern outlook. Family comes first to all four of them and most of their decisions are thoughtful and discussion-based. They enjoy life and make the most of it.


How did their woman photographer capture their union?

Pratham and Keerthana had a lovely traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. Undoubtedly, they planned for months. They looked for the finest wedding vendors, including the best photographers in India. After some research of vendors and photographers famous, they chose their best-liked ones. Their woman photographers well known even became their photographer in Dubai for their beautiful pre wedding in Dubai at a decent photographer in Dubai price. After hiring photographers famous to provide the finest photograph wedding, they were super excited to have their photograph wedding guest book. As their photographer in Dubai, Destination Photographers provided this lovely couple with stunning photographer in Dubai photos for a great photographer in Dubai price. Go on, witness the photograph wedding of their photographers well known working their magic as a great photographer in Dubai Marina and India. With a much cherished storyline given to their wedding, their woman photographers near me captured the bride’s beauty and the couple’s union in the finest photojournalistic style. Indeed, when the work of your pre wedding photographer Dubai is worth the pre wedding in Dubai cost, there are only smiles all around!

Venue: Madhuban Resorts, Anand, Gujarat, India

Wedding Planner: Tulip Touch

Photographer in Dubai Marina and India: Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers to be your woman photographer?

We, at Destination Photographers, bring to you the promise of a beautiful photograph wedding guest book. If you are looking for the finest woman photographers near me, Radhika Pandit and her team will undoubtedly be a fantastic choice! For the best wedding photographer Dubai and India, producing the finest work of pre wedding in Dubai at a suited pre wedding in Dubai cost, choose us!


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