Blossoming Tradition | Indian Wedding Spectacle

Blossoming Tradition | Indian Wedding Spectacle


What does a spectacular Indian wedding look like?

An Indian wedding has got to be one spectacular wedding show. The vibrant colors and beautiful Indian wedding dresses are sure to keep one looking! A culture that brims with alluring rituals, the Indian marriage culture makes a very special day for those in love. When clicked by the best Indian wedding photographer, Indian marriage photos offer a great glimpse of the stunning Indian marriage girl and boy!

Let us now witness the spectacle of the Indian marriage culture with Indian wedding photos with Saumyaa and Karn!


Who are these sweethearts?

Saumyaa currently works with her father in his business of textile chemicals. She loves dancing, watching sunsets, and binging on food while watching Netflix. Saumyaa is an introvert by nature until she gets comfortable with a particular person or small group of people. Indeed, she makes a stunning Indian wedding bride!

Karn currently works with his father for his family business. He also has his own ventures in construction and fibre glass trading. In addition, he likes to play tennis and golf and has been doing so for over four years.


How did their fire begin?

A message sent to Saumyaa by mistake got her and Karn talking. Later on, they ended up in the same group of friends. They hung out for about three years and became the best of friends. Karn always had a thing for her but initially, Saumyaa didn’t value his love. It is said that you realise who is really there for you when you are at your worst. Karn has been there for her like a rock in difficult times, no matter what goes down in her way. It was then that she finally understood what it means to have a man like him in her life.

On July 13th, 2015, Saumyaa went down on her knee to ask him out. The start of their fire is very simple and cute. She went to meet Karn at his grandmother’s place. At around 10 PM, when they were on the swings, listening to soft music and having a small chat, Saumyaa took his cellphone  and changed her contact name to “will you be my boyfriend?”

Just when she started playing some romantic tracks on her phone, she finally went down on her knee and gave him a call. He quickly went near the swings to pick up his cellphone which read, “will you be my boyfriend?” and a cute photo of them as a contact image. She still can’t forget that innocent yet victorious smile on his face.


How did their Indian wedding happen?

Since that day, their bond has grown stronger by the day. They decided to take this further, get married, and have a great Indian marriage. He recently planned a very sweet and fancy yacht date for his Indian bride which was quite great! Indeed, they have had plenty of memorable times as a couple.

One of the most important part of their days is that no matter how tired they are or how long their days have been; they make it a point to spend the last moments of the day together by themselves. At times,  they have long stories to share and sometimes there are no exchange of words at all, and even those silent drives are so comforting to them. They say that their day is never over without that drive.

With destiny’s work at play, this Indian marriage girl and boy found each other in the luckiest possible way!


Indian Wedding Details

Indian Marriage Planner: Jay Jariwala

Indian Marriage Decor: Peonies by Anouli Shah

Indian Wedding Photography: Destination Photographers


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We, at Destination Photographers, promise the Indian wedding bride and groom a beautiful package of memories that can be cherished. Our Indian wedding photos and Indian wedding video are sure to capture best the Indian bride and groom in their wonderful Indian wedding dresses and rituals! As the best Indian wedding photographer, our aim is to provide a variety of Indian marriage photos that will definitely leave you in awe!


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