Boundless Beauty | Finest Bridal Photography

Boundless Beauty | Finest Bridal Photography

Why should you invest in bridal photography?

Bridal photography forms an integral essence for a bride. On the single most beautiful day of her life, she would want to be captured in all her bliss through the best bridal photography images. Dressed in an elegant saree or a stunning lehenga, she brims with charm and beauty as will be witnessed in her bridal photography images. Indeed, bridal photography Indian carries with it a wonder of its own. As she adorns herself with ravishing jewelry and the most captivating accessories, a female photographer captures the bridal photography Indian. As an excited bride, your emotions are sure to find its way into the work of your female photographer. While you get your hair styled and lips colored, you could pout and simply smile your beautiful smile with some really cool bridal photography poses. Let your creativity shine in your bridal photography ideas as you give your bridal photography poses for your female photographer in India. To bring out your beauty and exuberance, invest in bridal photography!

How do you find the best bridal photography near me? Well, finding the most liked bridal photography is quite easy! Go through the list of the best female photographers because female photographers understand the details of feminine beauty and give the finest bridal photography ideas. Look through their bridal photography prices and portfolios carefully to find your vibe. Finally, zero in on the best female photographer in India who offers great bridal photography prices! A little bit of research and you’re all set for some ravishing female photography!

Imagine indulging in such fine bridal photography in the vibe of your wedding in Udaipur, the city of lakes! Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? A wedding in Udaipur is indeed a dream for many. The royal touch of having a wedding in Udaipur palace is an experience that cannot be described in mere words. Inevitably, when your bridal photographer becomes your wedding photographer Udaipur, your destination wedding in Udaipur is sure to be captured with immense finesse and elegance.

Let’s go on a journey with Nirali as she indulges in stunning female photography with her groom Alin who hired one of their chosen best female photographers near me, Radhika Pandit and her team, Destination Photographers. The beauty of their destination wedding in Udaipur is blissfully visible through some fascinating wedding photography Udiapur.


Who are these stunning loves?

Nirali is also from Ahmedabad and was away for high school and college. She works for her father’s company, Nissan Syntex Pvt. Ltd. They are into fabric sourcing and denim manufacturing and supply to various national and international brands. Indeed, she makes for a truly beautiful bride to her female photographers near me. 

Alin is from Ahmedabad. He was away for over 9 years for high school and college. Currently, he works as a Brand Strategist for a kids’ wear brand called Tales & Stories. He looks after product development, retail management, and branding/marketing. Also, he is the Head Product Developer for their USA buyer.


How did their fire begin?

It was in December 2010 Sunburn Festival in Goa. They met over drinks via their friends who were dating each other back then. Nirali and Alin too were dating other people back then, however felt there was a strong connection between them that they couldn’t deny. Post the trip, they went separate ways. Nirali was studying in the USA while Alin was studying in Bombay and didn’t quite keep in touch till they met again in Summer 2011. This time, the feelings were a lot stronger. They soon broke up with their respective partners and gave each other a genuine shot in the beginning of 2012.

After 3 years of dating they broke up thinking things weren’t working out and were apart and didn’t keep in touch for almost 2 years. In this time both experimented with different people but something was amiss, they both kept looking for each other in different people. Alin moved back to India in February 2017 and Nirali moved back in July 2017 and both got a chance to get back in touch. Both realized that they wanted to be with each other and started meeting and talking daily. It was like the relationship was waiting to get rekindled. Soon, their love and feelings got stronger than ever before love and thus began the tale of their wedding story.


What did Nirali’s bridal photography look like? 

Guess where they tied the knot! Udaipur! Both of them had always dreamed and discussed getting married somewhere away from their hometown. Options were between Goa and Udaipur and they chose Udaipur because it was the best option in terms of logistics. Undoubtedly, getting married with the vibe of a wedding in Udaipur palace is simply too much to resist! They chose their wedding planner and photographer in Udaipur. They wanted their moments to be captured blissfully by the finest candid photographer in Udaipur. Nirali looked absolutely stunning as captured by the female photographers in Gujarat who traveled all the way to be her wedding photographer in Udaipur. Indeed, Alin and Nirali did some research before they landed on Destination Photographers to be their female photographers in Gujarat and photographer in Udaipur. They had an Indian wedding with all the rituals and a hint of the modern touch. Mehendi, Sangeet, Mandap Mahurat, Haldi, Poolside Brunch, Wedding, and Reception – their days had it all! The whole feeling of getting married to your best person in the presence of your extremely near and dear ones is very exciting. The different rituals and customs add to the charm as seen in their beautiful photographs taken by their professional photographer in Udaipur. Nirali’s happiness truly knew no bounds and her charm is duly brought out by her candid photographer in Udaipur. For the finest capturing of emotions, Destination Photographers is your go-to professional photographer in Udaipur! 

The vendors that made the bridal photography work of Alin and Nirali’s best photographer in Udaipur truly enjoyable were:

Venue: Royal Retreat, Udaipur

Wedding Planner: 7x Wedding 

Celebrity Artist: Desi Hustler

Entertainment: Rahul Prajapati

DJ: Pro Beat and Maultek

Bartender: Spin Vishal

Lights and Sound: 7x Wedding 

Wedding Photographer in Udaipur: Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers for your bridal photography?

We, at Destination Photographers, understand the beauty of a woman with such finesse that you can be assured to receive a wonderful package of memories from your special day. We can be your best photographer in Udaipur or anywhere else in the world; this is our promise! The elegance, the opulence, and the charm of our wedding photography Udaipur will assure you that you have made the perfect choice of wedding photographer Udaipur.

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