How to Make the Most Out of a COVID Wedding? | Top COVID Wedding Trends 2020

How to Make the Most Out of a COVID Wedding? | Top COVID Wedding Trends 2020

How alluring are the COVID wedding trends?

2020 is going to be a year full of innovative COVID wedding trends. Intimate COVID weddings have become the norm of the day. In the captivating world of intimate Indian weddings, nothing is off the charts. From bohemian-themed weddings or royal ones and spiritual ceremonies or traditional ones, we have it all, while adhering to all the COVID wedding rules! What’s most fascinating about wedding trends COVID is that typically, the couple would only give shape to some really alluring COVID wedding packages instead of relying more on wedding vendors. Self-sustainability is definitely the way to go now!

This article has tapped all the top wedding planners, couturiers, and caterers of the country and spearheaded the wedding trends COVID for 2020 while bearing in mind the COVID wedding rules.

How about a go- green COVID wedding?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many brides and grooms are going for eco-friendly and sustainable wedding plans, especially for COVID wedding packages. As more people are becoming aware of the environmental hazards each year, they opt for going green. Little things like using seasonal flowers, recycled stationery, sourcing local fruits and vegetables for the wedding menu can contribute positively to the environment. Additionally, by doing so, you can even cook your own food in the most hygienic manner possible for your 50-guest wedding in your own kitchen!

How about a destination COVID wedding not-so-far-away from home?

If you plan on having an intimate wedding, there is no better place than a lake or the outskirts of a village that is close to your home. People want more freedom for their big day. So, they wish to have an outdoor wedding in a space where they can stretch a tent or a tepee. Villages and remote areas have the lowest risk of infection, so you can pose for your COVID wedding photography without a worry! Such an intimate COVID wedding would attract people who are keen with the outdoors or are looking for a special area that is close to their hearts and homes.

How can we miss out on lighting? We can’t!

Intimate Weddings

It is to no surprise that great lighting can make any wedding sizzle at sunset and glisten in the moonlight. Therefore, the top COVID wedding trend is for mood lighting. With this, the lights can set the tone and mood for your wedding function. From vintage chandeliers to candles on the beach and mini lampshades to exposed light bulbs, there are a lot of different ways to bring a touch of sparkle to your intimate wedding proceedings.

How can we say no to flowers?

2020 weddings will be about creating a floral display with different textures and shapes to enhance the beauty of your house wedding or a nearby destination wedding in a remote area. You can think about creative ways that flowers can add a pop of colour to different wedding functions and beautiful the charm of your COVID wedding photography. Think about how flowers can change any dimension to a wedding. From frozen flowers in ice-cubes to serve an appetizer and floral hair weaves for the bridal party, they are always charming. Go big on scents too – a bold statement that is going to be a new wedding trend that you will smell more of in the coming year! Ensure that you choose your best suited COVID wedding photography packages to capture all the bliss!

How captivating is the technology that can be used for a COVID wedding?

Bridal bells

Wedding technology is all about videography, photography, and virtual effects even though it sounds a bit sci-fi. Couples opt to film or photograph their big day from the air through drones. This sounds perfect for an outdoor wedding, doesn’t it?

But what do you do when you wish to film your wedding in an indoor setting during the pandemic?

Look into video mapping to transform your space however you want with lights and images on the walls and floors. This is one of the newest trends in COVID wedding photography packages!

How to let the entertainment factor rule?

Sure, celebrity or artist-led musical and dance performances or a DJ will keep the tempo of your wedding function high. But, to notch it up, you can entertain your guests with theatrical or comedy shows crafted by your very own families. The guests will experience intensity, action, and drama at their own pace with this form of entertainment. This will surely make for an impactful intimate wedding where inviting celebrity artists from different places could be a concern.

Go on, plan for your finest COVID wedding now!

(P.S: Don’t forget your masks and sanitizers! You can even create new wedding dress trends 2020 with stylish, themed masks! What more? Put up sanitization stands for your guests at the entrance of your wedding location! Customize return gifts with masks that speak beautifully of wedding dress trends 2020 and sanitizers! Make you COVID wedding a small and cute bash!)

Photo Credit: Destination Photographers

Wedding Planner: 7X Weddings by DevRaj



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