Oozing Magnificence | Uniting at Pushkar

Oozing Magnificence | Uniting at Pushkar

Why should you invest in marriage photography?

Undoubtedly, a wedding is one of the most memorable days in an entire lifetime, one that people will remember for decades to come. Regular pictures just won’t do for most couples. Marriage photography is a major business and a photography form that is very specialized. Wedding photography in India essentially includes taking photos of the wedding ceremonies and attendees. But, a marriage photographer knows that marriage photography is much more than just taking a few wedding photos Indian. Only the highest quality and most original wedding photos Indian will do. The number of wedding photos Indian couple taken by a marriage photographer during a wedding is overwhelming. 

Usually, the most popular wedding photos in India taken by Indian photographers are wedding photos Indian couple, and the rest are of the wedding party. Such subjects are usually carefully posed in many of the pictures through wedding photography in India. Sometimes, candid shots are taken at weddings, such as pictures of a little girl jumping on her father’s feet or a bride throwing cake on the face of the groom. Sometimes, those kinds of wedding photos in India by Indian photographers are the most treasured. Indian photography at weddings of inanimate objects are often taken at weddings apart from images of people. Some of the items most commonly captured through Indian photography include the mandap, dances, cake, dress, and rings. 

So, to have the best marriage photography HD images, you must choose the best marriage photographer near me. And to choose your best marriage photographer near me, you should look at the many portfolios with marriage photography images. You might even get intimidated by the number of marriage photography package with ravishing marriage photography images. What you can do is shortlist the best portfolios with marriage photography HD images that resonate with you. Once the shortlisting process is complete, you can compare the marriage photography price. Undoubtedly, it can be quite a natural reaction to get shocked after looking at the marriage photography price in a marriage photography package. Indeed, the marriage photography cost in India and the world can be very high, especially if your marriage photographer cost includes videography as well. The kind of finesse required for a wedding is immense which is why there will be an escalated marriage photography cost in India and abroad. Choose the marriage photographer cost that works best for you from your shortlisting process and you’re good to go! 

Travel with Dinesh and Nishtha to Pushkar and vibe with their charismatic Indian wedding through their splendid marriage photography. 


Who are these sweethearts?

Nishtha is originally from Ajmer. Currently, her family lives in Jaipur. She works in Accenture, Pune as a Senior Software Engineer.

Dinesh is an absolute sweetheart who is very close to his family.


How did their fire begin?

Dinesh and Nishtha were acquainted 5 years ago because their elder brothers were childhood friends. Interestingly, they first met on a train when traveling together to their native place. Most importantly, it happened to be Nishtha’s birthday that day. They had a great time knowing each other better. Predictably, they began chatting after that day and then, one thing led to another. Now you see them have a fabulous wedding!


What echoes from their marriage photography?

Dinesh and Nishtha’s marriage photography echoes a beautiful Indian wedding with all the traditional rituals. Fascinatingly, they even added a bit of a modern touch to their wedding style. Such a fusion is what gives their Indian wedding a boost of marvel. Pushkar was the elegant wedding destination that witnessed their splendid union. Tucked away in the district of Ajmer in Rajasthan, this is a place that emanates appealing aesthetics. A blend of holiness and beauty, this city offers a splendid view of the desert. Also a fantastic tourist spot, Pushkar is a place that not many people have visited. Definitely, this made it even more exciting for all the guests who attended Dinesh and Nishtha’s wedding. Indeed, the bride and groom were themselves enthralled by the scenic nature of the destination. You can also witness the charm of the wondrous Pushkar right here. Indeed, the vibrant colours amidst a desert are a sight like no other. So, take the journey with Dinesh and Nishtha. Gift yourself the magical feel of their wedding.

The vendors who made their union so blissful were:

Wedding Decor: Artha Events

Groom’s Outfit: Ajay Arvind Khatri

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Direction Parlour, Ajmer

Entertainment: Artha Events

DJ: Artha Events

Lights and Sound: Artha Events

Bartender: Cocktail Salon, Jaipur


Why choose Destination Photographers for your marriage photography?

We, at Destination Photographers, understand the immense significance that the big day carries for you. This is why your marriage photography by us is sure to give you a bundle of beautiful memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.


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