Tradition at the Beach | Ravishing Sindhi Wedding in Goa

Tradition at the Beach | Ravishing Sindhi Wedding in Goa

Sindhi wedding,

What does a wonderful Sindhi wedding look like? 

Abundant in lavish Sindhi wedding rituals, the typical Sindhi wedding culture is indeed a treat to watch. Positivity and light emanate from those in love as the bride looks truly traditional in her Sindhi wedding dress and the groom perfectly complements her. Such a wondrous picture must be captured in all its splendour and what other way to do this than witnessing the charm of well-crafted Sindhi wedding videos and photos?

Take a look at the magic in Ashish and Kanika’s Sindhi marriage in Goa!


Who are these adorable ones? 

Kanika was born in Rajasthan and brought up in various parts of India like Bombay, Delhi. Twelve years ago, she moved to Dubai.  She worked as a Product and Brand Marketing Manager for Siemens and LG Electronics. Currently, she is taking a break.

Ashish was born and brought up in Dubai. Presently, he continues to live there. His family hails from Mumbai. He works as a senior manager in the HR outsourcing/staffing services provider, TASC Labour Services. Mainly, his job duties revolve around business development and client management in terms of fulfilling their HR needs.


How did their fire begin? 

Ashish and Kanika met each other in 2010 while working for a part-time job. Fondly, Kanika still remembers that he was dressed in a yellow t-shirt with black jeans. She always thought of him as Casanova because he was always surrounded by girls. Quite obviously, Kanika was not fond of those kinds of guys. So, at the time, Ashish remained as just another guy on her Facebook friends list. In 2014, Kanika joined LG. Soon, they both began getting copied on a few emails for about a week. She did not realise that he is the same Ashish she met before. While Ashish was in the Philippines, he messaged Kanika on Facebook. Subtly, he asked her to share her number. Thus began their journey of love.


What was their defining moment? 

Initially, Ashish came across as a hopeless romantic to Kanika. Little did she know that he was planning a proposal for her. One day in 2014, they landed in Delhi after a friend’s wedding. With a laugh, Kanika says she was dressed at her worst. Fascinatingly, just as she entered the room where all their friends were present, Ashish was on his knees. Sweetly, he held out a ring for her. Eventually, this was the moment that led to their beautiful Sindhi marriage.


What did their Sindhi wedding look like?

Imagine Sindhi wedding rituals blended with Punjabi traditions in a spectacular beach wedding. That was Ashish and Kanika’s wedding style! A pool party with Punjabi and Sindhi wedding culture? Who wouldn’t love that? As you will see in their Sindhi wedding videos and photos, the celebration of their union in Goa was truly a blast!

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