Love, Passion, and Cheer | Exuberant Couple Photography

Love, Passion, and Cheer | Exuberant Couple Photography

How captivating are couple photos?

Couple photos carry a kind of blissful beauty that makes us want to fall in love. The chemistry, the passion, the intimacy, the love among couples can be infectious. What better location than Indian wedding photography websites to witness charming couple photos HD. Indian photography wedding is a kind of art in itself. The cheer in Indian wedding photography poses bride and groom is truly unmatched. Photography Indian culture is a marvelous arena to explore splendid photojournalistic moments. For your much awaited Indian photography wedding, visit the top Indian wedding photography websites to discover the best Indian wedding photography packages. Couple photos HD are a fabulous source for curating a ravishing Indian wedding photography gallery. Explore the different Indian wedding photography packages and hire the best couples photographer. 

Let’s go on a journey with Angesh and Riva and uncover the truest happiness through their photography Indian culture taken by their chosen couples photographer, Destination Photographers. 


Who are these beautiful sweethearts?

Riva hails from Ahmedabad and is also settled there. A very knowledgeable woman, she is a professor of International Relations at PDPu and Karnavati University. 

Angesh also hails from Ahmedabad and is also settled there. Truly very respected among all, he is a lawyer who practices in the High Court of Gujarat. 


How did their fire begin?

Angesh and Riva’s love blossomed in the 10th grade and continues to grow more and more every day. For over a year, they had to thrive through a long distance relationship. But, those moments spent after they finally came to the same place are always cherished by them. After many, many years of dating, their mothers wanted them to get married. They even threatened to throw them out of the house if they didn’t get married already! Go, mothers! 


How did their couple photos look like?

Angesh and Riva had a beautiful Traditional Hindu wedding on the Luv Kush Farm, Ahmedabad. Photography Indian unraveled their passion in its truest form as is evident in their couple photoshoot. With their ravishing Indian wedding photography poses bride and groom, they created a marvelous Indian wedding photography gallery for themselves. Through their couple photoshoot, you will see skillful couple photo editing present itself in front of you. Take a look at their culturally lavish couple photoshoot, and derive a few couple photoshoot ideas for yourself! Put on your best clothes and rock that couple photoshoot pose. You can even create your own unique couple photoshoot ideas with your photographer! 

The vendors that made the Angesh and Riva’s photography Indian turn out so charming are:

Decor: Dipak Patel

Bridal Outfit: Namrata Shah

Bridal Jewellery: Regent Jewellers

Groom Outfit: Shyamal Bhumika

Makeup Artist: Niyati Shah

Mehendi Artist: Apsa

Entertainer: Ankit Patel, Rhythm 

Couples Photographer: Destination Photographer


Why choose Destination Photographers for your couple photos?

For your couple photoshoot pose to shine wonderfully, Destination Photographers is at your service. Blissfully captured couple photos with the finest couple photo editing services are sure to give you a lovely package of memories! Choose us as your couples photographer today!


Happy Couples


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