Uniting with Royalty | Lavish Bhopali Wedding

Uniting with Royalty | Lavish Bhopali Wedding


Why choose photographers in Hyderabad for your wedding in Bhopal or any other destination?

Your wedding is a celebration like no other! For a day that unravels once in a lifetime, you need to hire the best photographers in Hyderabad. Undoubtedly, you will find many wedding photographers in Hyderabad for your wedding. What you must do to find your pick among the many wedding photographers in Hyderabad is to take a long look at each of the photographers in Hyderabad with price and portfolios. Once you shortlist the best suited photographers in Hyderabad with price, you can choose the ones you think would be the best photographers in Hyderabad. Even if you plan on having a beautiful destination wedding in a splendid venue like Bhopal, Goa, or Darjeeling outside Hyderabad, you can take your chosen photographers in Hyderabad along! They are sure to capture you in all your bliss and passion!

To witness the best of photographers in Hyderabad, Tanya and Siddharth’s photographs in their Bhopal destination wedding are where your eyes must be!


What is their story?

Tanya and Siddarth met in Boston 3 years ago, almost exactly to the date of their wedding. For them, getting to know each other in the beginning of their relationship was very exciting. Interestingly, it was full of hike dates, board games, and long drives. Soon, they found out that while Siddarth is clearly superior when it comes to anything outdoors. However, Tanya is the undisputed queen when it comes to board games. Beautifully, the last three years have followed the same trend. They still go out on hikes as often as they can. Fascinatingly, they even have game nights and travel every weekend they get a chance. Enjoying both long drives and longer flights, Tanya and Siddarth are absolute sweethearts.


What did their work of their chosen photographers in Hyderabad look like?

Tanya and Siddarth chose two excellent venues: Noor-Us-Sabha and Jehan Numa, Bhopal. Happily, they trusted them to host the guests with gracious hospitality while maintaining world class service. They got their universes together in one great wedding at this royal wedding venue. Bhopal being a matriarchy, Noor Us Sabah was designed by Sutal Kaikhusrau Jahan Begum for her daughter in the 18th century.

Now, it is a beautiful heritage hotel, suitable for a royal wedding destination. Taking a walk through the corridors of both palaces could provide one an insight into the wonderful stories of women rulers. An ideal royal-esque vibe was created for the destination wedding of Tanya and Siddarth. They chose to celebrate their union in the most intricate, blissful, and meaningful manner. Looking perfectly beautiful together, on their faces was so visible the sheer joy of becoming newlyweds. The photos and video captured by their photographers in Hyderabad are truly a sight to watch!


Why choose Destination Photographers as your photographers in Hyderabad or elsewhere in the world?

We, at Destination Photographers, bring to you a promise of a fervent bundle of love neatly packaged in the form of your much cherished wedding memories.

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