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wondrous destination wedding

Who doesn’t like a spectacular destination wedding? 

Several dream of having a wondrous destination wedding. Almost like a dream, a destination wedding in India or abroad is an experience that many of those in love crave for. Even non-residents fantasize about a great destination NRI wedding. NRI weddings in India are so common because non-residents prefer to get married in the charm of their home country. For those who crave something offbeat, a destination NRI wedding can be at a beautiful location not in their home country. Either ways, a destination wedding has a charm like no other! 

A picturesque wedding in resort or wedding in hotel is a true delight for a bride and groom. With some fabulous decor, a wedding ceremony in hotel can be a magnificent spectacle. 

Let us witness such a spectacle of the union of Kena and Viren in the best wedding resort in Thailand!


Who are these ravishing loves?

Kena was born and raised in Athens, Georgia. Currently, she resides in Providence, Rhode Island. A surgical resident at Brown University, Kena is a very hardworking and determined young woman. 

Viren is from Chelsea, Michigan. A man filled with wanderlust, he never rests in one place. From Michigan to Kansas City, Detroit to Providence to Athens, he is always bouncing around! Also a medical student like Kena, Viren is a 4th year medical student in Ophthalmology. 


How did their destination wedding unravel?

Kena and Viren decided to have their special day in the best wedding resort in Thailand, JW Marriott, Khao Lak. Undoubtedly, they both wanted their wedding in resort to be memorable for them and their loved ones. With a plan for a relaxing experience, their wedding ceremony in hotel was definitely a sight to watch. This beachside wedding resort in Thailand made their special day even more beautiful! After a wedding reception in hotel that brought together their families and friends, Kena and Viren were super excited to start their married life together! 

These are the vendors that made Kena and Viren’s wedding in hotel a true spectacle:

Wedding Resort in Thailand: JW Marriott, Khao Lak 

Destination Wedding Planner: DFL Events

Wedding Decor: WizKim Wedding Official

Bridal Outfit: Anita Dongre

Bridal Jewellery: Fuzion; Shamini Patel

Groom’s Outfit: Just Men India

Makeup Artist: Anjali Bhaskar

Celebrity Artist: Manasi Scott

Entertainment: Mr Prebeat, Monark, Vivek, Jugglers, Thai Dancers

Wedding Reception in Hotel DJ: Dev, Maultek 

Bartender: Real Flaming Trio


Why choose Destination Photographers for your destination wedding?

Whether you plan to have a destination wedding in India or another country, Destination Photographers has it covered for you! We also create blissful pictures of NRI weddings in India or any location around the world!


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