Blossoming Fondness | Skillful Event Photography

Blossoming Fondness | Skillful Event Photography

Jigar Toral


How to hire the best event photographer in Gujarat? 

Hiring an event photographer can seem to be quite a daunting task. Especially in Gujarat where there are many an event photographer near me to click fabulous event photos, you can feel intimidated. However, with a little research on event photography and the list of event photographer near me, you can shortlist your event photographer by going through their event photography portfolios. Once you shortlist on the potential ones, you can compare their event photography pricing and then decide on which one will work out the best for you. If your event is a wedding, it is a given that your photographer in Ahmedabad, Anand or anywhere in Gujarat will charge a high event photography pricing. 

A place that brims with talent, you will find many a photographer in Ahmedabad. Many of them are very easy to talk to and are quite approachable. You can go through your list of wedding photographer in Ahmedabad and see who is willing to travel to your chosen destination as a photographer in Ahmedabad Paldi. Impressive portfolios abound in photography in Ahmedabad from many a photographer in Ahmedabad wedding. Destination Photographer is one such photographer in Ahmedabad wedding. Our photography in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, or anywhere else in the world is loved by many!

Let’s go on a journey with Toral and Jigar as they unite in Anand, beautifully captured by Destination Photographers as their photographer in Ahmedabad Paldi.    


Who are these loves?

Toral is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and moved to DC for residency. She plans on moving to Houston, Texas once she completes her training to join Jigar. Toral is an out-going, fun-loving type of girl. A person who loves spending time with her family, she like planning for the future and playing board games as well. Always eager to enjoy whatever life holds in store for her, she loves travelling. She is a physician who practices her profession with the truest passion.

Jigar is originally from Uganda. He moved to India for his medical school training in Manipal, and then to DC for residency. A down-to-earth and practical guy, he is forever-caring. He is also a physician like Toral who enjoys his practicing his profession every day. Interestingly, he holds interests similar to Toral’s when it comes to family time, future planning, and playing board games. He is very enthusiastic about travelling and the surprises of life.


How did their fire begin?

Toral and Jigar met in an elevator and became friends. It was only after two years that they bumped into each other in a stairwell. Later, Jigar asked her out and Toral said yes in excitement. They began dating for a few months and realized that they had a lot in common. Sadly, Jigar found out that he had to move to Texas to further his training while Toral had to stay in DC for two more years. Following this, they decided that long distance was possible and they gave their relationship a shot. Quite obviously, they had their ups and downs.

What held them together in the phase of their long distance relationship was the understanding that they were crazy in love with each other. Indeed, they believed with all of their beings that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Over time, they decided that they are always happier together. Eventually, they decided to get married. The question that lingered with them for a while was – where do we get married? Jigar’s father passed away in 2016. He always imagined his son getting married in India. Both of their families also live in India. Finally, they arrived at the answer that India is the place to tie the knot. After all, a wedding is not only the union of two lovers but also their families bonding over celebrations.

On their first date, Toral ordered a drink. Gladly, Jigar also ordered the same drink. Toral says she laughed and asked him to order a different one so that they could taste each other’s drinks. Jigar loved the idea and went along with it. Ever since, this is how they have been handling their relationship – shared and together.


How did their wedding event photographer capture their bliss?

Toral and Jigar were captured in their moments of truest cheer in their Gujarati wedding at Anand, Gujarat. As their event photographer, Destination Photographers clicked them and their loved ones in their candid moments. A wonderful package of memories was delivered to this bride and groom. 

The vendors who made the work of their event photographers so beautiful were:

Event Planners: Tulip Touch

Caterers: Madhuban

Bridal Outfit: Asopalav

Groom’s outfit: Boston, Ahmedabad

Kankotri: April Design Studio

Makeup Artist: Rushika- Shringaar Beauty Solutions

Garba Singer: Sachin Limaye

Wedding Photographer in Ahmedabad: Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers as your event photographer?

As your event photographer, Team Destination Photographers promises to be your friend, your professional stylist, and everything you need us to be to capture you in your best moments!

Check their Wedding trailer.


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