Tradition at its Best | Elegant Brahmin Wedding

Tradition at its Best | Elegant Brahmin Wedding

How does a typical Brahmin Wedding look like?

If you wish to know all about the much revered Brahmin wedding rituals, our Brahmin wedding photography is sure to be the place to look!

Catch a glimpse of Aashka and Jagir’s beautiful Brahmin wedding pics.


Who are these love birds?

Aashka is originally from Ahmedabad. She was also brought up there but has been living in Bombay for 16 years now. With an ongoing practice of about 7-8 years, Aashka is a cosmetic dentist. Furthermore, she is a person that loves music and dancing. Also, she is a fitness freak. Indeed, she makes the Brahmin wedding images look pristine and gorgeous. 

Jagir adds his own adorable charm to the Brahmin wedding photos. He was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya. At 16 years old, he moved to Perth in Australia with his family, where he continues to reside. He is an engineer who is practicing after a four-year hiatus. Along with his friend, he runs a small business in Perth. Passionate about football, music, sports, video games, Jagir also loves traveling.


What is their story?

Aashka and Jagir met through the arrangement of a strong reference. They began talking on Whatsapp and Facetime. They felt their hearts connecting with each other. Interestingly, they were unable to stay without conversing with each other. After a while, Jagir personally flew down from Australia to meet her. Quite obviously, Aashka was happy beyond bounds when she saw him. They met quite a few times and spent some quality time together. Indeed, the connection they felt virtually became stronger when they were closer to each other. Importantly, they could feel their emotions get more and more intense by the day. Eventually, this lead to them saying yes to each other. Soon, their marriage became finalized. Their Brahmin wedding pics are proof that their smiles only grow wider each day! 


What did their Brahmin Wedding look like?

Location: Bikaner Palace of Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Their marriage was set for April which is the peak month of summer. Of course, Abu’s pleasant climate seemed perfect. Also, Aashka always had a dream to marry in Rajasthan and both wanted a small wedding. Much beautifully, they grew their affection by performing traditional Brahmin wedding rituals. Take a look at their Brahmin wedding images and video to transport yourself to their traditional world.


Why choose Destination Photographers?

We promise to give you the best Brahmin wedding photography. You are sure to see your Brahmin wedding photos shine with boundless cheer and merriment! 




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