Enhancing Your Beautiful Best | Top 8 Makeup Artists for a Stunning Bride

Enhancing Your Beautiful Best | Top 8 Makeup Artists for a Stunning Bride

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Why hire the best makeup artist for your wedding?

A makeup artist is always in hot demand. For your wedding day, you first choose the best lehengas and jewellery for yourself. Makeup certainly comes next on your bridal wish list. However, it does not matter if you are a makeup junkie or not. Of course, you will want to get that perfect look on your special day. Most importantly, no bride can bear a little sacrifice when it comes to her wedding look. As a bride, you would always want to have a trustworthy and passionate makeup artist with the most exquisite makeup kit to fulfill all your needs and make you look your stunning best. 

If you are getting married soon and have no idea how you can get the ‘perfect look’, then, hold on, we at Destination Photographers have some really good suggestions for your perfect bridal makeup .

Who are the top 8 makeup artist (s) for a stunning bride?

1. Sakshi Sood

Sakshi is a bridal makeup and hair stylist who specializes in Bridal, Fashion, and Events. Certainly, she has an amazing skill to make a bride glow with her fascinating makeup kit. Indeed, she ensures to portray bridal beauty in the most stunning manner. She even has a fascinating Instagram page named muahbysakshi. Be sure to check it out!

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2.Ulupi Parikh Makeup Artist

Ulupi Parikh is the Creative Director of the makeup shop, Ulupi’s Salon & Spa. If you are a bride who wants a traditional but not an out-of-the-box look, she is the one! Definitely go through her Instagram page and contact her for more details if you like her makeup set! 

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3. Anmol & Rutu

Notably, Anmol and Rutu surprise every client with their brilliant and beautiful work brought o life with their exquisite makeup set. Without a doubt, they are among the best makeup and hair artists. Especially, be sure to take a look at their compelling Instagram page named makeup_by_anmol_and_rutu and indulge in the world of their stunning bridal makeup videos.

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4. Niyati Shah

Young and enterprising, Niyati Shah is a renowned bridal makeup and hair artist. As an impressive bridal beauty artist, Niyati Shah can enhance your beauty like no other! Also, do visit her Instagram Page named expressionsbyniyatii. Further, you can get in touch with her for her makeup shop package details!

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5. Ronella Baptista

Do you love to style your hair differently? If yes, then go check out Ronella Baptista’s Instagram Page named hairkitty13. As a matter of fact, she is a professional hair artist who is always enthusiastic to try something beautifully unique. Her makeup videos are sure to bring to light her fascinating work!

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6. Aanal Savaliya Makeup Artist

Aanal Savaliya is the Creative Editor of the famous beauty salon named Orange the Salon. She is also a professional makeup and hair artist. Visit her beautiful Instagram page named aanalsavaliya.

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7. Simmy Makwana

Simmy Makwana is a fabulous bridal makeup and hair artist as well as an educator. She is also the Creative Editor of Simmy Makeup Studio & Academy. In fact, she has a huge fan following on Instagram. Check her page out on simmymakwana.

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8. Surabhi Mehta

Surabhi Mehta is a very creative makeup artist. To marvel at her work, check out her Instagram page named surabhimehta.



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