Love for an Eternity | Intimacy Captures at the Taj

Love for an Eternity | Intimacy Captures at the Taj

pre wedding photoshoot at taj mahal

Intimacy Captures at the Taj

How beautiful is the work of a photographer in India around the Taj Mahal?

The beauty of Taj’s perfection of design and the grandeur of well-appointed gardens’ geometric patterns is mesmerising. Indeed, they enhance the poise of the whole complex together. Beautifully, they add magnificence to the delicacy of the romance of passion, devotion and purity. A photographer in India today would be absolutely thrilled to capture the passion among two people amidst such a background. One sees spectacular descriptions by historians contemporary to the period of its creation. And such a spectacle has to be captured by the best photographer in India after a couple goes through the finest photographer in India list. Once you pick your chosen best photographer in India from a very alluring photographer in India list, you can let that marvelous photographer in India today take up the stage and create a bundle of memories for you. The facts uncovered by today’s scholars and archeologists are etched in its every inch. The panoramic montage of the reasons behind its creation are also sketched with every step you take towards the mausoleum.

A look at the Taj one time is sure to keep you revelled in sight-superimposing thoughts. It makes you feel the presence of Shah Jahan, the creator and Mumtaz Mahal, the reason. You even feel as if they walk alongside you. Among the many famous photographers in India, a photographer in Uttar Pradesh would absolutely love to capture love in the monument that embodies love in the truest form. The incredible splendor of the Taj Mahal Makes you wonder breathlessly and you appear to pause for a moment. Even then, you feel them standing next to you as you continue gazing at The Taj! If you have a heart that beats and it beats to pursue, the purity of love in today’s galore is decked with great intricacy. And how best to capture your passion than letting your best photographer in Uttar Pradesh, one of the most famous photographers in India, work his or her magic. You could even get married near this mighty monument and let the best wedding photographer in Uttar Pradesh work his or her magic.

Let’s witness the charm of Joana and Andre’s intimacy near the Taj Mahal as shot by their chosen best wedding photographer in Uttar Pradesh.


Who are these loves?

Joana and Andre are a Portuguese couple who run a blog called Honeymooners . They also have a Facebook and Instagram page with a huge number of followers. Interestingly, they are a travel freak couple who never miss traveling to a good place. Also, they do not miss clicking their honeymoon photos.


What is their story?

Joana and Andre have been together for 14 years. So, they have known each other since 2005. Since the beginning of their togetherness, this couple seeks adventure. Truly, they love to travel but they don’t just travel. Actually, they live every place they go to.


How marvelously did their chosen photographer in India capture their charm?

Joan and Andre chose Destination Photographers as their best photographer in Uttar Pradesh. This lovely couple always clicks photographs in their ritual wedding attire. In India, they chose The Taj Mahal for their shoot. Also, they chose us, Destination Photographers, to get their pictures. Joana and Andre experienced some blissful candid couple photography at The Taj Mahal like they are part of a living fairytale. Quite evidently, they were in love with each moment of their time here, and we, Destination Photographers, also did enjoy shooting with this amazing couple.


Why choose Destination Photographers as your photographer in India?

We, at Destination Photographers, promise to provide you with a bundle of truly beautiful memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. As your photographer in Uttar Pradesh capturing your love in the Taj Mahal or as your photographer elsewhere in the world, we would always be delighted to serve you!


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