Allure in the Scenic | Royal Pre Wedding

Allure in the Scenic | Royal Pre Wedding

How exciting is pre wedding photography in a stunning location? 

Pre wedding photography is a marvelous experience in itself. The charm and allure of a ravishing destination coupled with fantastic pre wedding photography ideas make for a lovely sight. With the best pre wedding photographer Ahmedabad and India and finest pre wedding photography ideas, you can receive a bundle of beautifully package memories before your big wedding day. However, planning for a pre wedding photoshoot Ahmedabad and India requires you to go through a list of pre wedding photography packages Ahmedabad and India. Your chosen pre wedding photography packages Ahmedabad and India would also need to suit your pre wedding photography price. Typically, the pre wedding photography price would also depend on the location of your pre wedding photoshoot Ahmedabad and India. After you zero in on a pre wedding photographer Ahmedabad or pre wedding photography near me, you can begin shopping for spectacular dresses to wear for your pre wedding shoot Ahmedabad and India. Undoubtedly, your pre wedding shoot Ahmedabad and India is sure to leave you with an abundance of smiles and bonding with your better half. 

Let’s go on a journey with Lokesh and Aarushi as they zestfully indulge in pre wedding and wedding photography. 

Who are these sweethearts?

Lokesh hails from Sri Ganganar, Rajasthan, and currently lives there itself. A hardworking man, Lokesh works in her family business. 

Aarushi hails from Tehri, Garhwal and currently lives in Noida, NCR. Aarushi just got done with her Master’s Degree.

How did their fire begin?

Lokesh and Aarushi met during their undergraduate studies in Pune. After a year of knowing each other, they began to feel a blissful connection and started dating. For the next three years, their relationship blossomed but soon, owing to distance, they couldn’t let their relationship grow any further. They went separate ways, Lokesh to Rajasthan and Aarushi to Noida. After a few years, on New Year’s Day, they got back in touch. At this time, Aarushi was completing her Master’s Degree in Bangalore. Inevitably, they decided to give their love a chance again. And here they are, cherishing their pre wedding and wedding by hiring their chosen best pre wedding photography near me and finest wedding photographer near me. 

The memory that they cherish the most was the time when Lokesh proposed to Aarushi while they were pursuing their undergraduate studies in Pune. He proposed to her in such a beautifully romantic manner. They were in his car near a lake when he played the track ‘I Turn Around the World’ by Akcent as he asked her to be his girlfriend. 

What did their pre wedding photography and wedding photography look like?

Lokesh and Aarushi were beyond thrilled to plan for their pre wedding and wedding. After hiring the finest wedding planners, they looked for the best wedding photographer near me who would also work out a good pre wedding photography cost. After going through a list of wedding photographers near me, they found Destination Photographers, who worked out a suited pre wedding photography cost for them as well. They chose Jaipur for it brims with royalty and culture. A lovely couple indeed, they valued both their traditions in their wedding. The most exciting ceremonies for them were mehendi, haldi, cocktail, a Hawaiian theme party, and the shaadi itself! Witness the charm of their special union through the work of their wedding photographers near me. 

The vendors that made their wedding so lovely were:

Wedding Venue: Le Meridien, Jaipur

Wedding Planner: Factory Events

Wedding Decor: Varun Gajjar

Celebrity Artists: Guru Randhawa, Ruth Lawrence, Rodney & Band, Monica Gadjil, Pragya Tiwari

DJ: Dhruv & Maultek, DJ Sam 

Entertainment: Jonqui Dutta 

Bartender: TWB

Choreographer: Vishal Gandhi

Photography: Destination Photographers

Why choose Destination Photographers for your pre wedding photography?

We, at Destination Photographers, provide the best pre wedding photography Ahmedabad and elsewhere in the world. For a blissful experience and a wonderfully packages bundle of memories choose Destination Photographers for your pre wedding photography Ahmedabad, India, and abroad!  



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