Beauty in Simplicity | Stunning Gujarati Wedding Bride

Beauty in Simplicity | Stunning Gujarati Wedding Bride

How best to rock the Gujarati wedding bride look? 

Make the finest Gujarati wedding shopping list, get yourself a stunning Gujarati wedding dress, engage in saptapadi Gujarati wedding, and there you go: rocking that Gujarati wedding bride look!

Let’s venture into the world of the Gujarati wedding bride, Vidhi, along with her Gujarati wedding groom, Shail, as they give us a tasteful picture of Gujarati weddings explained. 


Who are these adorable sweethearts? 

Vidhi is a dentist and she also works at a college as a faculty member. A true Gujju at heart, she was born and brought up in Ahmedabad. Fascinatingly, she loves to travel and explore new places. A generally private person, Vidhi enjoys spending time with very close friends and family. Although she is not really a party animal, she definitely likes going out and having a good time every once in a while. She loves to get her pictures clicked and prefers to have certain things her way! Vidhi truly makes for a ravishing Gujarati wedding bride!

Shail is a hardworking young man. Undoubtedly, he is a work-oriented person. He enjoys nature and good architecture. Like Vidhi, he loves to travel and meet new people. He also likes getting clicked but never for over ten minutes!  


How did they chance upon each other? 

Vidhi and Shail met through their parents. Interestingly, their families were closely knit for several years. Both of them were always cordial with each other. However, they never got a chance to speak to each other because Shail was studying in the United States. Finally, they met at Poetry, a restaurant in Ahmedabad. Ever since then, they developed a very positive vibe for each other and gradually turned into the best of friends. Soon, they began liking each other. One thing led to the other and they got engaged in December, 2019. After a year of courtship, Shail made Vidhi his dear Gujarati wedding bride. 


What are their most treasured memories?

Shail fondly recalls how Vidhi gave him the best surprise on one of his birthdays. Beautifully, she made blissful arrangements that included a tent. This was his best birthday ever! 


What style of wedding did the Gujarati wedding bride have?

Vidhi, the stunning Gujarati bride, and Shail, the dashing groom, paint the best portrayal of traditional Gujarati weddings explained. They picked out a fantastic Gujarati wedding dress and checked off all things beautiful from their Gujarati wedding shopping list. As they engaged in taking the saptapadi Gujarati wedding, Vidhi looked absolutely beautiful in one of the best Gujarati wedding sarees. Blissfully, Vidhi and Shail had a wonderful traditional Gujarati wedding in Ahmedabad. 


Why choose Destination Photographers to capture the beauty of a Gujarati wedding bride? 

As a Gujarai wedding bride getting married to the love of your life, you would want to capture every beautiful moment of the union. We, at Destination Photographers, promise to bring to you the finest of pictures of the bride in alluring Gujarati wedding sarees and the groom in handsome attires. Your memories will be made cherishable by us!  


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