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What does a traditional Hindu wedding look like? 

Blossoming love and elegant tradition make a Hindu wedding a true spectacle in itself. The bride and groom send out their Hindu wedding card to all their near and dear ones. The Hindu wedding card is the go-to place for all the Ws and H of a Hindu Indian wedding. Pre hindu wedding photography has become a trend in recent times. The bride and groom pose for some lovely Hindu wedding pictures to reminisce upon the times before their wedding. The Hindu wedding photoshoot also has candid Hindu wedding pictures that portray the truest and most genuine emotions of the couple.

During the Hindu wedding ceremony, the couple takes part in several rituals like haldi and phere. A Hindu Indian wedding is a vibrant celebration of a lifetime of togetherness and is a sight that must not be missed!

Come on, let’s witness the charm of Indian weddings with Richa and Vishal through their Hindu wedding photoshoot!


Who are these sweethearts? 

Richa was born in Gujarat and lived in California. A very focused woman, Richa is into Apparel Production.

Vishal was also born in Gujarat but lived in Florida. Defining dedication the best, Vishal is a very hard working Structural Engineer.


How did their story come about? 

Richa and Vishal met through their families. As seen with most Indian weddings, they decided to have an arranged marriage. They connected very well with each other and following this, their Hindu wedding ceremony came about. Both hailing from Gujarat, they had a royal wedding in Gujarati. With showers of acceptance from their elders, they received an abundance of wedding wishes in Gujarati!


How was Richa and Vishal’s Hindu wedding made exquisite? 

Once their wedding in Gujarati was set, Richa and Vishal sought wedding wishes in Gujarati from their loved ones. They decided to have their wedding in Rajasthan, the most exquisite location for wonderful Hindu wedding photos. With a plan for a truly royal wedding in Rajasthan, Richa and Vishal were beyond excited to get the best Hindu wedding clipart! This royal wedding in Rajasthan happened just as planned. Richa and Vishal engaged in traditional vibrance in one of the best wedding venues in Rajasthan, Ananta in Udaipur. Scrumptious food and some lively dance made the day ravishingly fun! A wedding in Rajasthan that saw colors of wide smiles and timeless beauty, the Hindu wedding photos and video depict the charm of the couple.

The vendors that made the Hindu wedding clipart turn out so beautiful are:

Event Planner – 7x Wedding Planners

Best Wedding Venue in Rajasthan – Ananta, Udaipur

Destination Wedding in Rajasthan Decor – 7x Wedding Planners

Makeup Artist – Sakshi Sood

Hair Stylist – Sakshi Sood

Mehendi Artist – Mayuri from Surat

Celebrity Artist – Parth Oza

Entertainer – lavanya Chakravarty


Bartender – Dabi

Lights – 7x Wedding Planners

Sound – 7x Wedding Planners

Hindu Wedding Photography and Cinematography – Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers for your Hindu wedding clipart?

Whether you have a wedding in Rajasthan Palace or in any of the best wedding venues in Rajasthan, we promise to bring out the exotic charm of your much awaited destination wedding in Rajasthan, a state of true beauty. Destination Photographers is committed to give you the best Hindu wedding images that you can cherish for a lifetime. Our cinematography and Hindu wedding images are sure to make your wedding in Rajasthan Palace brim with royalty,  exquisiteness, and love.

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