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What is the glory of La Maison Picassiette?

La Maison Picassiette is the remarkable product of the efforts of one man from 1938 through 1964. The memorial he left behind is a house and garden which is surrounded by elaborate mosaics of shattered crockery, painting, and sculpture. His legacy has paved the way for splendid photos architecture art nouveau. A lot has been written to try to understand why the middle-aged manual worker Raymonde Isidore created such a stunning, complex, inspiring, and mystifying world from the house he had designed for his family. Perhaps what’s incredible isn’t just that he has chosen to devote himself to his dream, but that he has accomplished so much through La Maison Picassiette Chartres France. It is truly a wonder for an architecture photographer. The magnitude and luxury are awe inspiring. La Maison Picassiette is located in a new urban street not far from Chartres’ city centre. You get to it by heading down a narrow footpath.

A small ticket booth and classic french toilets were added outside of the house’s front courtyard. Interestingly, over thirty thousand tourists come to this place of wonder, La Maison Picassiette Chartres France, each year. Fascinatingly, this house even offers some of the best architecture photos at night that truly beautifies the profile of an exuberant architecture photographer Instagram. The house is very modest in scale, and in form is long and narrow, matching the proportions of the plot on which it stands. The doors and windows facing south are located on the right side. When his house was completed, he had the idea of creating frescoes (wall paintings) that would, little by little, cover every corner of his house. His life was solely dedicated to constructing and decorating his house and garden.

He has made use of ceramic and porcelain scraps and plates found in landfills to decorate La Maison Picassiette de Raymond Isidore. These look absolutely stunning in architecture photos at night. The interior of this architecture reflects the view of Mont Saint-Michel, Chartres and the surrounding area. Gradually, the entire interior of the three living rooms, walls and ceilings, was decorated with mosaic-enhanced frescoes. The whole look from within and beyond gives his house a splendid beauty, allowing for great clicks to teh profile of an architecture photographer Instagram. The whole of La Maison Picassiette de Raymond Isidore seems sacred, warm, and beautiful. The furniture was painted, but mosaic, and still to be relocated periodically. Furthermore, the floor was covered with marble debris mosaics. Truly a thrilling sight for an architecture photographer, La Maison Picassiette offers the finest photos architecture art nouveau!

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