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Why should you invest in a photojournalist wedding photographer?

A photojournalistic wedding photographer is a storyteller. From capturing the beauty of a decorated venue and exchanging of couple rings gold to dressing room portraits and the wedding day itself, the narrative of a wedding is truly spectacular. It’s possible to tell the story of what happened that day in many distinct manners and each photographer has a different approach. Due to the sheer number of things happening at any one time during a wedding day, it can be difficult to decide on what is worth photographing. But, the outcomes are worth the wait and the search, as the most emotional and impactful images are always the candid images. Individuals are often brought up in western societies by asking them to mask their feelings in public. They also choose, in a crowd, to hide their feelings. So, you compose yourself when you see a mirror, causing you to behave unnaturally.

Without having a major impact or appearance, good photojournalistic wedding photography may embed itself into a scene, catching moments when people are displaying their true emotions. A bride crying in front of the mirror because her mother has passed away and can’t be there to see her daughter in her gown; a father and a groom exchange some intimate words that move them to tears, moments before the ceremony; the bride and groom exchanging couple rings. There are examples of important moments that would not happen if the photographer in the moment had been a prominent presence. This is why you need to invest in blissful photojournalistic wedding photography. To find your photojournalist, you can take a look at the wedding journalist association, WPJA, and zero in on the one to capture all your moments from exchanging couple rings to bidding farewell to your family.

Let’s witness Reeya and Nishant’s union from the exchange of couple engagement rings to their wedding day as captured by their photojournalist, Destination Photographers, from WPJA, the wedding photojournalist association.


Who are these loves?

Reeya hails from Mumbai. She has lived in New York and Ahmedabad before moving back to Mumbai.

Nishant also hails from Mumbai. An architect and urban designer, he currently works at a studio practice. He is also a health and fitness enthusiast, and even a bit of a grammar Nazi!


How did their fire begin?

Reeya and Nishant were introduced to each other when Nishant was living in New York. They even met briefly when he was down in Bombay. As luck would have it, Nishant got a job in Ahmedabad and Reeya was there to help him to adjust in the city. Inevitably, they kept meeting. Meetings turned into dates and somewhere down the line, they realized that it was time for them to exchange couple engagement rings and spend the rest of their lives together.

Nishant’s most treasured memory with Reeya is his proposal to her in Central Park, amidst his cheering friends and onlookers. Blissful, indeed! They were meeting up with Nishant’s friends in New York for brunch in the lower east side. From there, they had to get Reeya to Central Park. It was the most nerve racking meal for him ever. Nishant was so nervous, and there were way too many people at the park that day. Then, at the Bethesda Fountain, all things went according to the plan! And that moment, undoubtedly, was amazing! Their couple rings gold shone through their light and love in the most beautiful way.


How was the work of their chosen photojournalist wedding photographer?

Reeya and Nishant wished to have some fascinating photojournalistic photography. They hired Destination Photographers to be their photojournalist wedding photographer after looking through several portfolios which showed everything from couple rings for engagement to teary-eyed farewells.They believed that Destination Photographers would definitely do justice to all their genuine moments, from the bliss of exchanging couple rings for engagement and partying all night to dressing up for their big day and finally tying the knot. Both of them wanted a fun beach wedding. So, they choose Rayong, in Thailand. And indeed, their union was a sight to behold as their couple gold rings glimmered in the light of their passion.

The vendors who made their union so beautiful were:

Event Planners: “Event 360″

Makeup Artist: Surbhi Mehta

Hair Stylist : Khushnum Daroowala

Wedding Decor: Jessy

Photojournalist Wedding Photographer: Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers to be your photojournalist wedding photographer?

We, at Destination Photographers, promise to capture your moments of pure cheer and love in the finest possible manner. From the exchange of couple gold rings to your after-party, you are sure to receive a wonderfully designed narrative of beautiful photographs.

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