Love and Laughter | Fun Engagement Photography

Love and Laughter | Fun Engagement Photography

Why should you invest in an engagement photographer?

What is an engagement photography session, exactly? It is just a fun picture shooting with your engagement photographer. Before your wedding, it is a chance for you to be photographed and get to know your photographer before the wedding day. The engagement photographer near me you hired to capture photos of your wedding will be the same person who takes your Indian engagement photos. The aim is to establish trust and feel relaxed with the engagement photographer near me taking photographs of your wedding. Seek to have Indian engagement photos taken soon after hiring your photographer, not weeks before the wedding. By scheduling your Indian engagement photo shoot session early, you’ll be able to enjoy your pictures for much of your engagement photography time. When you wait until the wedding is near at hand, photos of your marriage would seem like one more thing to do with little time to do it. The Indian engagement photo session will be fun and playful to catch just the right moments in plenty of time. Ensure that you invest in engagement photography India at the best suited engagement photography prices.

Select a spot that has some meaning for both of you to help make the pictures memorable. This could be the place you were engaged in, or a first date. The venue for engagement photography India may be as simple a place as your house, a restaurant, a museum or maybe the college in which you met. If you can’t think of something, speak with your photographer, your chosen one with the best engagement photography prices. Most likely, he or she would know some picturesque settings nearby, such as beaches, a national park, or even impress you with a place that you might never have considered yourself for the Indian engagement photo. He or she will even shower you with fascinating engagement photography ideas.

Another advantage of having an Indian engagement photo shoot is the bride’s chance to have a test run done on her makeup. Set up an appointment with the person you’ve assigned for your wedding makeup right before you film your Indian engagement party. That way you’ll get to see how your make-up feels, not only in the mirror but how it’s going to look in photographs. If changes need to be made, it won’t be too late.

Getting to know your photographer, seeing pictures of yourself in advance, and realizing that you’re going to like your makeup would help create trust in yourself and your photographer, creating a mutual level of confidence. Indeed, an engagement party sounds fun, doesn’t it? Through a photographer’s viewpoint, walking into a bride’s dressing room on her wedding day, welcomed with an enthusiastic hello, is comforting as compared to a cold shake of the hand and telling them who you are.

Let’s go on a journey with Adit and Shubhra as they indulge in engagement photography Indian. You could even get some engagement photography ideas for your own Indian engagement pics.


Who are these loves?

Adit hails from Baroda and currently resides there. He pursued his Bachelor’s in Business Administration followed by an MBA from the UK. A young entrepreneur, he runs his own business of freeze-frying products under the name ‘Ruchi Foods LLP’. Adit is a sports person who participated in various state and national level events, never worried about his marksheet and yet managed to do very well. A very composed man, he is truly a bundle of joy to speak with.

Shubhra also hails from Baroda and currently lives there. A techie, she pursued her Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and worked for IBM India. Recently, she did her MBA from London and now manages her family business. Shubhra, in contrast with Adit, was entirely into studying and aced it in school and college. She is someone more on the creative side and loves dancing and crafts. Shubhra is an over thinker, who’s worried about things that don’t even exist while it is Adit who calms her down.


How did their fire begin?

Adit and Shubhra have known each other ever since kindergarten. They did their entire schooling together. Fascinatingly, they have been dating for over ten years now. A high school love story, Adit and Shubhra decided to get married after completing their education and settling down with their work life. Truly inseparable, no matter the time or distance, they have a connection so rare and pure that their love can be said to be the heartthrob of many. Despite several ups and downs, they never thought of parting ways with each other. They are the yin and yang to each other. Although opposites, they complement and balance each other in the most beautiful ways.


How did their engagement photographer capture their engagement photography Indian?

Adit and Shubhra’s Indian engagement pics speak volumes of the love, passion, and chemistry that continues to blossom among them. Their engagement photographer captured their emotions and bliss in the most genuine light and amidst picturesque wildlife. Indeed, Adit and Shubhra were very comfortable with their chosen best engagement photographer!


What did their wedding look like?

Adit and Shubhra had a typical Gujju-style wedding in Vadodara. Aarana Lawns was the venue that saw their beautiful union. The Sangeet was at Adit’s sprawling farm. While Adit was super excited for the Baraat and all the fun stuff, Shubhra couldn’t wait to exchange vows and experience the emotions of being wedding to the love of her life. Their wedding was truly a sight to behold!

The vendors that made their union so beautiful were:

Wedding Decor: Jay Excellency

Bridal Outfit: Bridal Asia, Seema Gujara Design, Payal Zinal

Makeup Artist: Brides by Bindiya Official

Hair Stylist: Omorfos Salon Vadodara

Mehendi Artist: Neet Varma

Celebrity Artist: Divya Kumar

Entertainment: Manmarjiah

DJ: Hitesh Vegda

Choreographer: D’virus Academy

Photographer: Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers as your engagement photographer?

We, at Destination Photographers, promise to bring to you the finest bundle of memories that you can cherish for a lifetime! As your best engagement photographer, we won’t disappoint you! This, is a guarantee!

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