Blissful Multi-dwelling Units | Cubes By Bridge Studio at Rajkot

Blissful Multi-dwelling Units | Cubes By Bridge Studio at Rajkot

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What are the ‘Cubes’ of Rajkot?

A multi-dwelling unit built by Bridge Studio in Rajkot, ‘Cubes’ is indeed a sight to behold. The architecture and interior design services of the Studio are truly awe-inspiring.

The term ‘cubes’ comes from the very shape of the house. The architecture of ‘cubes’ is strongly inspired by the work of the iconic architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and represents his popular saying “less is better.” ‘Cubes’ has a very basic rectangular shape and is an amalgamation of four cubes in which each cube has a specific purpose. Within its shape, living, dining, and kitchen takes form. Undoubtedly, ‘Cubes Rajkot’ defines aesthetics in the most beautiful manner. Interior design takes on a whole new dimension through the ‘Cubes.’ For the finest interior design ideas that speak your classy vibe, this project is the wonder to explore!

The building’s east facade is full of glass to create open spaces for morning sunlight. Furthermore, the sliding windows enable us to combine outer spaces (that is, backyard deck with swimming pool) into versatile layout and multipurpose spaces that fulfill the interior design. There is also no gap on the southern facade to block direct sunshine. The western facade has 3′-6′ entrance inside 14′-0′ high standing wall, rendering a standard entrance hidden on the other side of the eastern gap. All villas are separated from each other, thus providing another connection to the pool and garden without disrupting indoor spaces and also serving as a service entrance for the same during villa activities.

Interestingly, the landscape region has trees bearing fruit and vegetables of multiple kinds. The compound wall does not allow for masonry. Thus, it has a bamboo fence all over with creepers so you’ll end your vision of greenery from inside. The project design justifies the argument “Shape follows purpose.” Thus, it provides for very fascinating interior design ideas. From great interior design for kitchen to other spaces, living here is certainly enticing. The project really represents the ideals of the architect that the building’s form should be focused primarily on its intended function or purpose.

Bridge Studio, the brain behind ‘Cubes Rajkot’, under the leadership of Brij Padalia, is an architectural firm founded in mid-2009. This company offers work that reacts to software, location, floor space index, building codes, and budget character of clients. With even the provision for vast creativity with interior design services, this work of this Studio is worth exploring. Bridge Studio has a diverse work collection that ranges from architecture, interior design for kitchen and other spaces like residential and corporate office to industrial, retail, and hospitality spaces.


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