Beauty at its Holiest Best | The Divine Bindu Sarovar Lake of Siddhpur

Beauty at its Holiest Best | The Divine Bindu Sarovar Lake of Siddhpur

How beautiful is the Bindu Sarovar Lake?

The Bindu Sarovar Lake is a holy lake in the town of Siddhpur, near Patan, Gujarat, at a distance of 27 km from Patan and 36 km from Mehsana. Situated on the banks of the Saraswati River, it is one of the most visited places near Patan, and one of the holy places in Gujarat. Bindu Sarovar literally means a lake of drops . The tears of Lord Mahavishnu are believed to have fallen inside the Bindu Sarovar Lake. A place that draws several travel bloggers in India, it is one of the most fascinating Gujarat travels near me. Go on, you can let your travel blogger loose here, one of the finest Gujarat travelling places.

Also recognized as Matru Gaya Kshetra, the Bindu Sarovar Lake is one of the five sacred Hindu religious theerthas: Pancha Sarovar. The other four are in Tibet (Manas Sarovar), in Rajasthan (Pushkar Sarovar), in Gujarat (Narayana Sarovar), in Karnataka (Pampa Sarovar).

Hindus usually go to Gaya in Bihar to give pinda to their male ancestors, but Bindu Sarovar Siddhpur is India’s only location where Matru Shradh is practiced. Also recognized as the Sri-sthal or a ‘pious spot’ it finds a connection in the Rig-Veda’s ancient Vedic text, further adding to the charm of being the finest of Gujarat travels near me. For a travel blogger who maintains a vibrant travel blog, the Bindu Sarovar Lake is definitely one of the best Gujarat travelling places. You could pump up the authenticity of your travel blog through the photography and stories of the Bindu Sarovar Lake.

Bindu Sarovar is, according to the legend, the location where Sage Kardhama did extreme penance for 10,000 divine years and had Lord Vishnu’s darshan. It was at this Bindu Sarovar on the banks of River Saraswati that Sage Kapila had preached Moksha Gnana to his mother Devhuti, and conducted his mother’s salvation, Matru Shradh. Indeed a sight for even a regularly travelling Gujarati, this place appeals to all!


What are some other places to visit near the Bindu Sarovar Lake?

While travelling in Gujarat, there can never be a shortage of places to stop at and capture. Interestingly, within India’s Archeological Survey, one can also visit two preserved monuments in the area near Bindu Sarovar Siddhpur, making for the best experience while travelling in Gujarat. They are ruins of the temple of Rudra Mahalay, and Jami Masjid. The Rudra Mahalaya Temple was founded by Siddhraj during the 12th century. The temple is an architectural marvel in four directions with a three-story shikhara, 1600 pillars, twelve entrance doors, central mandap and porches. There were eleven Rudra shrines situated around the temple. The eastern gate was decorated with ‘Toran’ that is beautifully carved with steps that lead to the Saraswati River. These wonderful elements could truly enhance the quality of your travel blogger website!

The temple’s ornamentation is exuberant as can be seen by intricate and detailed carvings on the pillars and the magnificent Toran, the only remains of today’s temple. The Siddhpur town is also renowned for its mansions and havelis, which are largely part of the Dawoodi Bohra culture. If you are in Gujarat, looking for travels near me, the Bindu Sarovar Lake is a must-visit place! A perfect escapade for travel bloggers in India, it makes for one of the most wonderful travels near me. Ideal for a travelling Gujarati, Indian, or even a foreigner, this shrine is definitely attractive to boost the quality of a travel blogger website!

Bindu Sarovar

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