Intimacy Redefined | Captivating Gujarati Wedding

Intimacy Redefined | Captivating Gujarati Wedding

How best to rock Gujarati weddings in style?

Get yourself a cool Gujarati wedding planner and start crossing things off your Gujarati wedding checklist! Find some inspiration from some of the most beautiful Gujarati weddings videos and Gujarati wedding photos!

For such marvelous inspiration, immerse yourself in the charm of one of the most lovely Gujarati weddings.

Let’s go on a journey of love with Saher and Nadia!


Who are these ravishing loves?

Saher is a truly charming man. Although he lives in London, he is from Ahmedabad. Fascinatingly, he works as a Technology Consultant in the Tech Startup industry.

Nadia is a beautiful woman who is from Paris. She also lives in London. Indeed a smart one, she works in Asset Management for the Finance Department.


How did their fire begin?

Before their first week of University life, Saher and Nadia had no idea what wonders were in store for them. Then, they came across each other at Sciences Po in Le Havre, France. The first time they ever spoke was at the town hall ceremony organized for Sciences Po to kick-start the academic year. Eventually, them talking led to the blossoming of joyous love. Their companionship stayed strong, no matter the hardships that came their way. Saher and Nadia beautifully thrived through 3 and a half years of long distance once they got together. Then, one fine day, they realized that this had to progress. Quite obviously, this landed upon a discussion of marriage. And of course, the love that flowed through them was too strong to say anything apart from YES! Since then, their love has only grown each day!


What are their most treasured memories?

Saher and Nadia have bucket-loads of treasured memories. Undoubtedly, the most cherished one for them is the month-long trip they took across South India when they were only 20 years old! Even today, they are surprised their parents let them go on this trip! Inevitably, they had the time of their lives. They journeyed in trains, sleeper buses, ambassadors, and so much more. As they fondly recollect, they even ate lots of scrumptious road-side tandoori chicken that was wrapped in a newspaper. They would take it back to their hotel and eat while being boundlessly happy in each other’s company.


What are Gujarati weddings like with Saher and Nadia?

Saher and Nadia love to keep all their events lovely and intimate. They had a cute little wedding ceremony at the Kensington and Chelsea town hall in London. But, they could not get away with just this much! The “dhamaakedar” Indian wedding was bound to happen! Moreover, their hearts knew no way to turn down another chance to celebrate their union for life. So, in their own way, they had the best Gujarati wedding at Olive Woods, Ahmedabad. This was Saher’s parents’ brand new house, which of course, made it the perfect venue for one of the finest Gujarati weddings.

For them, making and executing their Gujarati wedding checklist was the most fun thing to do. Devoting themselves to the Gujarati wedding rituals on their special day brought them even closer to each other.


How was the wedding ceremony styled?

A traditional wedding abundant with Gujarati wedding rituals was made beautiful by some of the best vendors in the city.

Gujarati Wedding Planner: AMAAHYAAJ by Heena Patel

Wedding Attire: Jayanti Reddy, Raw Mango, Roopal Shodhan

Photography: Destination Photographers


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Without a doubt, we will capture every moment of the best Gujarati wedding that you have.


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