Truest Emotion and Purest Bliss | Refreshing Wedding Candids

Truest Emotion and Purest Bliss | Refreshing Wedding Candids

Why take home beautiful candid wedding photography?

Candid wedding photography carries a charm in itself. Brimming with the purest emotion and most natural beauty, candid photography for wedding is a must-have. Let your candid photography for wedding speak volumes of beauty and elegance. Go through the list of the best candid wedding photographers in India and ensure that you receive a ravishing candid photography wedding album. Most importantly, choose the best suited candid wedding photography prices from the best candid wedding photographers in India for the finest candid photography wedding Indian. Be your own beautiful self in your candid photography wedding album. The best part about candid photography wedding Indian is that there are no poses. So, you will not have to face the dread of thinking of which pose to give for your candid photography wedding shoot. The candid wedding photographers India bring a promise of captivating candid photos for wedding through a stunning candid photography wedding shoot. Definitely worth the candid wedding photography prices, your chosen candid wedding photographers India are sure to give you the finest candid photos for wedding.

Let’s go on a journey through candid wedding photography images with Tasha and Akash’s heritage Gujarati wedding. You might even get some candid wedding photo ideas for yourself!


Who are these loves?

Tasha is an Amdavadi who currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She works at a startup called ‘Magic Leap’ that makes mixed reality headsets. These are essentially augmented reality but better. A hardworking woman, Tasha is a Materials Scientist who works on analyzing and improving the mechanical strength and reliability of the product.

Akash is a Puneri who also currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He works with Tasha at ‘Magic Leap’. Akash is involved in embedding software which makes the hardware do what it’s meant to do.


How did their fire begin?

Akash shares that when he met Tasha, he told his aunt that they were sure to be good friends. Turns out he was right, in that, he foretold a friendship that became a foundation for their relationship. One of Tasha’s fondest memories from college comes from about the stage where the friendship was maturing into a commitment. Tasha was enrolled in sociology which turned out to be one of her least favorite classes. Even so, she would always look forward to her desk in the class room for one reason – Akash happened to get out of one of his classes 5 minutes before the end of her sociology lecture, and he would walk over to the lawn outside Tasha’s class and wait for her there. He didn’t know that she could see him through the window in her classroom and to ripen Akash’s embarrassment, Tasha didn’t tell him until much later in the semester. They would then sit on the grass under the blue skies and catch up for the next half hour. Their friendship was a time when they constantly poked fun at each other and Tasha remembers that being a very happy period. Such a blissful friendship led to the blossoming of romantic love and here they are, looking beyond happy in their candid wedding photography images.


What did their candid wedding photography look like?

Set amidst a gorgeous backdrop of the peaks of Mount Abu at the historic Bikaner Palace, Mount Abu was an annual vacation spot for Tasha’s family. Tasha loved these trips since it meant being together with family and friends the whole time, eating great food, going on exciting hikes and enjoying the natural beauty of the mountains and the city of Abu. Tasha, now all grown up, was excited to be married in a place where she had so many memories from her childhood and to share her reveries of days past with her soon-to-be husband. Her joy is sure to be infectious to you as you go through her pictures for splendid candid wedding photo ideas. Indeed, their refreshing wedding party which celebrated the union of two people who went all the way from Pune and Ahmedabad to a city in North Carolina which even they’d never heard of before and found each other. They zeroed in on their photographer after working out the candid photos for marriage price. And indeed, they weren’t disappointed to pay that much candid photography cost for wedding because they had picked the finest service. The wedding was a wondrous Gujarati ceremony, intimate and informal. Indeed charming to watch, go through their pictures and determine if it was worth paying the candid photography cost for wedding.

The vendors that made their union truly beautiful were:

Makeup Artists: Tasha and Vanya

Wedding Outfits: Tasha and Vanya

Caterers: Hitesh Chandrani

Photographers: Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers for your candid wedding photography?

We, at Destination Photographers, promise to make your candid photos for marriage price be worth it! Our work is sure to brim with pure joy and the truest of emotions!


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