Cherished Divinity | Splendid Temple Wedding

Cherished Divinity | Splendid Temple Wedding

How mesmerizing is a temple wedding?

Blessed with divinity, splendor, and rituals, a temple wedding brims with marvelous tradition. The ambiance of a wedding in temple is simply so beautiful. Typically, a South Indian marriage happens in a temple. However, the recent times have seen an inclination towards choosing wedding halls, resorts, or hotels for a South Indian marriage. Nevertheless, once in a while, you can still find a South Indian groom and bride who would love to have a wedding in temple. The charm of a temple wedding is such! The soul-satisfying divinity is sure to find you in your Hindu wedding pics. With the best photographers, your Hindu wedding pics will undoubtedly unfold to be your most cherished memories.

Several Kerala wedding unravel in the charm of a temple. Through some fine photographers in Kerala, you can gift yourself some fabulous and awe-inspiring Hindu couple images. To find the best photographers in Kerala, you can go through the very alluring list of wedding photographers in Kerala who can give you the most blissful Hindu couple images. Once you zero in on your chosen wedding photographers in Kerala from the many famous photographers in Kerala, you are all set to carve memories for a lifetime! Let your Hindu wedding Kerala work its magic on the Hindu wedding PNG of your photographers in Kerala Thrissur.

Let’s venture into the bliss of a Kerala wedding in temple with Nandana and Zubin as captured by their chosen best photographers in Kerala.


Who are these loves?

Nandana hails from Kerala. Currently, she lives in Ahmedabad. A Safety Specialist and Urban Planner, she is a very dedicated individual.

Zubin, the South Indian groom, also hails from Kerala. He lives in Abudhabi. An Aircraft Engineer by profession, he thoroughly enjoys his work.


How did their fire begin?

A complete chance meeting, Zubin and Nandana came across each on Facebook. They began conversing on BBM and Facebook and eventually fell in love with each other. Their spark ignited soon after their first conversation over the phone. After five long years of long distance, they decided to get married in a temple wedding style. One of the most cherished memories for them is when Zubin flew to Ahmedabad and met Nandana for the very first time. He had funded his travel from his first earning and the thrill of meeting her after 5-6 months of phone calls was something that Zubin cherishes to this day. Their unmeasured love makes for a fabulous couple pic! Indeed, the cheer of their Hindu wedding PNG is infectious!


What did their temple wedding look like?

Nandana and Zubin had a blissful Kerala wedding in temple. Nandana looked absolutely stunning in her Kerala wedding attire and South Indian wedding jewellery. Zubin complemented her in his dashing attire. Inevitably, the work of their photographers in Kerala Thrissur captured the passion of their Hindu wedding Kerala in the most beautiful way. Interestingly, their reception had a fabulous Indo-western touch to it. Their charm and the temple’s divinity made their South Indian wedding photos absolutely blissful!

South Indian Wedding Jewellery and Outfits: Shambhavi Kothari and Ashay Chaturvedi

South Indian Wedding Photography: Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers for your temple wedding?

We, at Destination Photographers, as famous photographers in Kerala, bring to you a promise of capturing your temple wedding in its splendid best! Your South Indian marriage photos are sure to be a bundle of joy! For couple pic in style, contact us!


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