Pre-wedding Couple Goals | Passionate Couple Shoot

Pre-wedding Couple Goals | Passionate Couple Shoot

Passionate Couple Shoot

How passionate is a couple photoshoot?

A couple photoshoot is one of the most cherished experiences for those in love. Having a wonderful couple wallpaper is what many couples crave for. Putting on your best couple dress and giving some really cool wedding photography posing makes for a truly blissful couple wallpaper. From couple love pic and couple hand pic to couple hug pic, wedding photography posing couple gives you a bundle of memories like no other. Go on, adorn yourselves in the finest couple dress and let your couple images HD emanate with your love, passion, and chemistry as you indulge in a cute couple hug!

Let’s now witness the charm of Mansi and Mihir’s wedding photography posing through their fabulous pre wedding couple images HD. Couple love pic, couple hand pic, and couple hug pic; their charm is quite infectious!


Who are these sweethearts?

Mansi is a banker and was into banking until 2017. Later, she studied MBA to lend her helping hand in family business.

Mihir was a civil engineer and is now a businessman in the food industry and also in infra development.


How did their fire begin?

Mansi and Mihir were in the same school where they started loving each other’s company. And while being friends, they slowly realized how dreadful life would be if they spent it with someone who was not either of them! They gradually fell in love and after eight years of a lovely relationship, they decided to make it even stronger by getting married. Their passion is blissfully evident in their wedding photography posing couples.

Mansi and Mihir personally love to embrace art and are very intellectual in thoughts, too. They both love to ponder over beautiful and best. Also, in all the wonderful years of dating, they never clicked good couple hug images of them even when they went to the best destinations! And to them, this wedding was very, very close to their hearts and they wanted to cherish the memory all their lives and ponder more over the pictures. Since they are getting married in their respective villages, they might miss out on hiring the most fancy city-style decorator. By hiring the best photographer for their couple hug images and other lovely photos, they would still be able to cherish their special occasion with their families in their village farm house. In this way, they wouldn’t feel the lack of sophisticated wedding decor.


Why choose Destination Photographers for your couple photoshoot?

We, at Destination Photographers, promise to bring out the best in your couple hug and couple poses in your couple photoshoot. Your aura is sure to carry over into your lovely couple images.


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