Beach, Please | Whisking Colors of Gujjus and Marwaris

Beach, Please | Whisking Colors of Gujjus and Marwaris

How charming is a Marwari wedding?

The Marwari or Rajasthani marriage culture is strongly rooted in culture and tradition, and it has a beautiful heritage quality worth reading about. The week-long wedding affair of the Rajasthani marriage culture is a luxurious, vivid, and regal affair. Sagai relates to the engagement ceremony of Marwari wedding rituals. This is arranged by the family of the groom. In this ceremony, a tikka is added to the forehead of the groom and he receives presents from the family of the bride such as clothing, a sword, sweets, and so on. Ganpati Sthapna and Griha Shanti Ceremony is one of the Marwari wedding rituals held a few days before the wedding. They have a havan, and send their god Ganesha prayers, asking him to grace the couple’s union in their Marwadi wedding.

Pithi Dastoor is one of the Marwari wedding customs which is similar to that of the Haldi. Turmeric and sandalwood paste are applied on the bride and groom, after which they are not allowed to leave the house before the wedding day. Mahira Dastoor is another one of the Marwari wedding customs when the bride and groom’s maternal relatives present them with gifts such as shoes, jewellery, etc. Mehfils is a Marwadi wedding ceremony usually held at night and is arranged as ‘ladies mehfil’ and ‘gents mehfil’ separately to indulge in dancing to traditional Marwadi wedding songs. They wear a beautiful Marwari wedding dress or Marwari wedding sarees and perform a traditional dance called Ghoomar to Marwadi wedding songs.

Rajput Baraat is when the groom is royally adorned in a Marwari wedding dress and mounts a horse or an elephant to the wedding venue. Cars are used nowadays, too. He carries a sword in his hand, and is followed by the wedding procession. A Marwadi wedding song could be playing in the background as well! Jaimala is when the groom is taken to the bride who is dressed in one of the most beautiful Marwari wedding sarees and has a veil covering her face. They exchange garlands of flowers (jaimalas), and then proceed to the mandap. Panigrahan is when the groom takes the hands of the bride in his hands and both vow to be there for each other, no matter what. Pheras is when the bride and groom take rounds around the holy fire while Vedic mantras are chanted by the priest. Ashwahrohan comes as a sign of steadfastness when this Marwari custom allows the bride to position her feet on a grinding stone. After that, the brother of the bride delivers puffed rice to her hands, which she then gives to the groom who puts it in the holy fire. He then applies sindoor on the head of the bride. Such is the grandeur of a Marwadi wedding made beautiful with a Marwadi wedding song and captured by the finest Marwari wedding photo albums and Marwadi wedding video.


How splendid is a Gujarati wedding?

The priest conducts a Griha Shanti Puja, requesting the blessings of God over the couple, their houses, and all the tasks connected with the wedding ahead. They pray in the households for an extended period of harmony and joy. The enthusiastic role of Mehndi blends well with a colorful wedding of Gujaratis. Much like the Marwari Sangeet brimming with Marwadi songs for wedding, the Gujarati Sangeet is a fun-filled evening of music and masti, held the night before the Gujarati wedding day. A Sangeet Sandhya or Sanjhi is based on traditional celebratory Gujarati tunes by energetic performances of Raas, Dandiya, and Garba. Pithi, that is, Haldi happens, too. Varghodo is a version of a Baraat in Gujarati wedding. The bride and groom walk four times around the holy fire, each time with a special significance and devotion of their own. Then, the bride and the groom read their sacred vows in Saptapadi and Sindoor, while touching a straight line of seven betel nuts using their toes. The groom then applies Sindoor on the hair parting of his bride, and wraps a Mangalsutra around her neck. The marriage ceremony ends with the newlyweds touching the feet of their elders, seeking their blessings. Much like the vibrant energy of Marwari wedding photo albums and Marwadi wedding video abundant with Marwadi songs for wedding, Gujarati wedding photos and videos energized with Gujarati songs are a sight to see!


Now, why don’t you imagine a Marwari wedding blended with a Gujarati wedding in South Indian style; sounds exciting doesn’t it?

Although Marwari weddings and Gujarati weddings do have a lot in common, you have quite obviously seen a lot of those, haven’t you? Now it’s time to witness how Nayna, a Marwadi, and Sahil, a Gujarati, decided to be the most unique of the lot and have their wedding in Kerala! In the aura of South Indian rituals, Kerala wedding dress, and their own traditions and customs, they united in the most blissful manner possible on Kovalam Beach. Their destination wedding in Kerala was a sight to behold, indeed, as beautifully evident in their Kerala wedding photos. Nayna and Sahil looked absolutely stunning in their Kerala wedding dress as they engaged in some wedding in Kerala Hindu rituals like the Muhurtham and Sampradanam. The Pheras in their wedding in Kerala were much like their very own traditions. Brimming with magnificence, their wedding in Kerala hindu brings out the best of Kerala wedding photos.

The vendors who made their union so blissful were:

Wedding Planners: Wisefella Event Planners

Cinematography: UNIKT

Photography: Destination Photographers


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We, at Destination Photographers, bring to you a promise of capturing your traditions, cheer, and truest bliss in the form of a beautiful narrative that you can cherish for a lifetime!


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